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  • Weezing and Muk are pretty cool! I can understand why you like Magneton, whenever I have one in my team I love using Tri-Attack as well! It's more fun to use it with Magneton than it is with Dodrio for sure.
    Yep, you are! Hahah okay, I will remember you as the chat guy from now on then :) My favourite pokemon? Ahh so many to choose from :) But I tend to love the cat looking pokemon such as Litten, Liepard and Luxray... Chandelure is also one of my favourites. What about you, what are some of your favourite Pokemon?
    Eligible voter population in the US is 231,556,622. Source: http://www.electproject.org/2016g

    Nowhere near 2/3rds of the population is not showing up, but over 4 out of every 10 eligible people choosing not to vote is abysmal among countries we consider our peers for standard of living.
    What are your thoughts on Global Warming being a myth or not. I've made a thread months ago about the issue based on a video I found.
    Hypothetical question, would you support fast track asylum for Saudi Arabians providing they were vetted?
    I play very agressively so I've never used Acid Armor. But I remember the Poison Gym leader using it with his Muk. My longest battle ever lol. And I agree it looks a lot better than Magnetzone. In Pokémon Go, my city is full of Magnetmite and Magneton for some reason!
    Haha I felt so bad! I didn't even see there was a picture at first so I was just wondering what I did wrong haha!
    I hope a lot of people will find it funny. What a glorious moment!!
    Why do you like Magneton? My favourite first-gen is Vaporeon! :D
    Notine! Today (the 15th, November) I'm not going to be readily available like I notmally am. I am still editing stuff and may appear online, but I'm not. I probably won't be around until after 1800 PST. If I set up a trade with you or something, I still remember what I have to do! Fear not!

    Thanks, and cheers.
    That is dedication, man, can't wait! How are you making them (or should that be a surprise)?
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