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  • Oh man, i'm sorry for ghosting </3 i honestly completely forgot. im kinda... all over the place lately.
    Trouble is, I have a rather short attention span. I love long VMs, but it can take me a while to buckle down and reply back, haha. I apologise for being so tardy again.

    I actually haven't seen any Ghibli films outside of Miyazaki's and now Takahata's works, such as When Marnie Was There and Mary and the Witch's Flower. Maybe I should look into them. While I would certainly love to watch Grave of the Fireflies, movies are always a family decision and they're not quite ready for it (since I hear it's pretty tragic).

    Anyway, I did recently watch The Tale of Princess Kaguya, and it was absolutely wonderful! It's more a story on life than anything, and the pacing is slow at first, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Yeah, you either like purple prose or you don't haha. I'm certainly aware that it's not desirable for most readers, and I've gotten a lot better at scrapping any unnecessary adjectives and descriptions. I agree with you on poetic expressions. It's why I love Watership Down so much. ^_^ Please make that charity a thing. :D

    Looks like you haven't changed your theme yet, though. ;)

    Apparently Miyazaki has come out of retirement to make his next movie, Boro the Hairy Caterpillar! https://soranews24.com/2018/03/20/miyazakis-new-animated-short-boro-the-caterpillar-completed-voice-actor-revealed/
    oh, europe? well, in that case, ill plan around your timezone, ill be online about 4am-8am your time, and that'll be the case until monday (which is the deadline) so hopefully we can meet up on monday? :s (unless you wake up really early lol) if we cant battle then i'll give you the win but we should be able to battle on monday since i have that day off
    hullo, i can battle in a few hours if you'll be on. if not i'll be on tomorrow night too
    Sorry for responding late, your VM got a little buried, haha. ^_^

    I just finished re-watching Spirited Away a few days ago. <3 Other favourites of mine are How's Moving Castle (naturally), Princess Mononoke, The Secret World of Arrietty, Ponyo, Kiki's Delivery Service... basically anything by Miyazaki. :D
    And thanks! I like to write (though I haven't in a while) and I'm kind of a sucker for purple prose; it keeps slipping into my writing. So if you really want to, feel free to use that expression for $500 so I can afford a PS4 Pro :')

    You're right, Ghibli films are amazing in all aspects, and my answer is exactly the same as yours! I really like how no matter the age or gender of the main characters, even when they're ordinary people like Chihiro, they all possess an inner strength that enables them to pull through any situation. A lot of the anime I've seen tends to have archetypal, one dimensional characters, but not Ghibli—it truly is unique.

    Haha, at least we both seem to have settled for now!

    Did you hear about Isao Takahata's death? :( I never even saw his work... but I'm going to pay my respects and start by watching The Tale of Princess Kaguya. I'd like to see Grave of the Fireflies as well some day.
    Ah yes, Howl's Moving Castle is totally magical! I've seen the Japanese version once and the English one twice, plus I have the book! And the book's sequels. xD I just love Howl. <3

    Otherwise I'd have to say Spirit Away is my favourite. It's the first Hayao Miyazaki film I watched, back when I was little. It renews many nostalgic memories and is so moving. Joe Hisaishi (who orchestrates the music) lends his talent to the film with his masterful ability to touch the kernel of your soul.

    Whoops, there I go again, getting all poetic and sentimental. xD

    Back to you: what do you love most about the films?

    And don't worry about the whole avatar-changing thing, I'm guilty of that myself, as you can see! I never seem to settle on one for long, haha. There are simply too many options.
    don't sweat it, you don't owe me an apology or anything, hehe. machomuu and i seem to be one and the same person to more people anyway, so it's all fine. we basically are.

    yeah, i'm a supernatural enthusiast. very much so. just watched the new episode yesterday :3

    i've been well, working 9 to 5 has been leaving me quite tired though.
    Hello, yes, Lize chan desu neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~

    Has definitely been a while yeah, enough for me to be completely confused by your message. I don't remember any conversation about Baccano!, honestly, ahaha. I haven't really seen it myself, except for maybe 1 or 2 episodes. Haven't even really known it all too well yet either, until I was recently introduced to it by machomuu

    How have you been~?
    I think there was this naught girl who used to post and we had so much fun. She was one of my precious friend you know.....are you that semi?-dattebayo
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