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  • xD not like mesmerizing in that its beautiful but more like its a cool gif!

    Haha i havent been watching but ive been reading! I will be watching tho soon haha i love game of thrones and the 100 and like alot of shows but doesnt everyone? Oh thanks! Which one the team litten or the game of thrones one? The litten one i did with icons as my usual style but this one was out there like its the hardest one ive ever made xD

    I can always make a sig for you if u ever want something cool aha although probably not as tall as mine tho~ I tend to overdo the heights but some pics just look cool with the full height
    Your avatar is kinda mesmerizing :o Plus it matches your sig xD beautiful job~

    Also hi! :3
    I'm talking about 11th and 12th, I suppose the saturday is overlapping? D:
    Hmm, I'll start then~

    I'll be unavailable on next Friday and Saturday, I don't know if it's still going then but you'll have to do these days :p
    Ohayo playground duo partner~

    Which one of us is going to do round 1? c:
    Hehe, thank you!! I always try to have really cute ones, and any art from the Pop'n games is bound to be super adorable
    Your avatar is lovely, don't listen to him. :3 I like seeing it.
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