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  • well its hard to miss PENDULUM BEST DECK LETS GOOO playing a game with such an obnoxious steam name xD
    I actually never played with expert mode in definitive edition. It does sound oddly titled. I wonder how many people ignored it entirely assuming it was just an option to make the game more challenging. You only get 5 main party members in Xenoblade 2. I looked around online, and everybody kept calling it a gacha game. I have no idea what that means. Anyways, you'll be getting items to recruit from a large pool of other party members called blades. It's completely random who you get. I thought it was pretty neat. Everybody you pull has a different personality, and you can unlock side quests for them which are fully voice acted.

    I really like when developers embrace mods instead of treating them as a threat. Also you just taught me something. I had no idea the protagonist was called Quote. I just thought of him as "the robot". So if you play Curly mode, will she be removed from the story otherwise, or will her role be taken by someone else? The dragon quest presentation was fun. (albeit a little disappointing at times). Because there are tons of games being made for mobile, but will only be available in Japan. But we are getting Dragon Quest 3 remastered, and they announced Dragon Quest 12. (sadly dragon quest 10 is still japan only).

    We are traveling to a theme park way up in the mountains, here's what it looks like: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ1CXXbQO17Ad-woQzTrv_QrOOBh61xM4bhAQ&usqp=CAU. Yeah some of the vaccine locations here were actually given in a car. Like...the person driving just pulls up to a booth, you roll down your windows, and they give everybody a shot who wants one. I was hoping to get that one instead.

    I was wrong about Mega Man 7. I had only played the intro stage and Junk Man's stage. I judged the game entirely on both those stages, but it was wrong of me. I went back today and cleared the four first stages, and I enjoyed myself. Cloud Man's stage was...interesting. I don't quite understand the mechanics of the stage? Like...there was enemy who would make the entire stage rain, but there was no way to make it stop raining unless I died. What did the rain do anyways? Because I didn't notice anything different other than aesthetic. Also Cloud Man was a really challenging boss. I couldn't tell which direction he was going to send me blowing towards. So I reached the part with the Robot Museum, stopped playing because I had no idea what to do against that boss. But that place was so cool. I noticed Snake Man in the background, along with Heatman, and Skull Man. When I saw the statue missing, I was hoping it was going to be a boss from one of the old games. I had never heard of the term "gamefeel". Although I am finding the game feels better using the d-pad instead of the joystick on my PS4 controller. The legacy collection I was gifted also came with the entire X series.

    I think the difference between Okami and Zelda is that Okami is taking strong inspiration from Japan (i mean, even the ingame money is called yen). While Zelda is more focused on it's own fantasy culture. It's nice because it's clearly taken some inspiration, but it's still doing its own thing without trying to be a copy. I want to go back to pokemon vortex, but it can be hard to get back into when you drop it. The clan I joined probably kicked me out (again) because of my inactivity. Actually I took a pause from this message and checked. I'm still in but will probably leave on my own, because it seems entire clan went inactive.

    I don't blame you all. I would gargle something than get swabbed, though I've never heard of that being used in the U.S. Maybe it's just not a thing here. Right now I'm just trying to think of small goals. Anything to get myself out of this cycle, you know what I mean. I'll sign myself up for a class tomorrow. I was working towards an AA degree in social work before I just crashed out completely. I haven't taken a class in a while, so maybe it's something I could do to feel reinvigorated. I remember you mentioning trying to sleep earlier, did it work it out for you? I think the biggest change I went through was previously being a morning person. I ended up waking up late into the day (like this morning awakening past 11:00 am). Not sure how to put this, but it's due to not finding anything interesting. So it can be much easier to kill those long hours in the morning through erasing them with sleep.

    What else did the creator of Cave Story make? If he had made anything else, I would be willing to check it out. Still kind of waiting to see if DeltaRune will ever get that second episode. Isn't Metroid Prime 3D? How does the 3D metroid differ from the 2D games? Also have you played A Link to The Past? That's something I'm starting to get in the mood to try. I'll definitely be trying to finish the classic Mega Man series. (can't wait for Mega Man 9).
    omg D: that stinks, I'm sorry ; ; I'd have been so upset if I were pulling for something and couldn't get them after that many pulls... yeesh. Hopefully you still have a decent gem stash left over? Or did you use most of it on that? :(
    I do from time to time... think i noticed them less than I should given my screen is huge and ususally im playing games myself lmao
    I remember you mentioning that you didn't play much into Xenoblade 2. The pacing is slightly different. It's only 10 chapters. However, some of the chapters can take you up to 15 hours if your stopping for the side quests. Also you don't get the EXP immediately. You cash your side quest EXP at the inn. You can choose how much to spend, so if you don't feel like being overleveled just don't spend it all. What is Curly Mode? My version did not have that. It's neat how all the different versions seem to have these different features. I think the longest JRPG I know is Dragon Quest 7. The main story is 100-120 hours. There's a dragon quest presentation tonight ^_^ which I'm waiting for. I don't know anybody else into this series. It's much bigger in Japan.

    Thanks for the early happy birthday, it's quite exciting. Towards the end of June for my birthday, I will go with my family up the mountains for the weekend. Also attending a wedding for one of my older siblings. So it'll definitely be a busy week. Our vaccine location didn't have a line. Just a bunch of chairs, you would wait for an open seat, take a chair and get your shot.

    Are Mega Man 7 and 8 really different graphically? I thought they were going to be exactly the same. Honestly I guess I haven't been too fond of the stages in Mega Man 7 so far. Is this considered a difficult game? Because I'm really struggling with it. It may be as a result of getting better at 1-6, then being tossed an entirely new engine. Oh, and I remember you mentioning playing the Mega Man X series. Did you make any progress with those games? For some reason, the legacy collection is split into seperate parts (1-6 and 7-10). (11 is it's own thing). I can't save anywhere I want in 7, so I have to wait until it gives me a checkpoint save.

    I think Okami is similar in pacing to the Legend of Zelda series. You play around on the overworld, after an event you enter dungeons. Use the power gained in the dungeon to get through it. Okami on Switch was priced fairly cheapy ($20 here). This is random, but I remember you mentioning being into idol games and trying to progress on a leaderboard. It actually reminded me of something I was personally trying to do. There was a browser game called 'Pokemon Vortex" (basically you collect pokemon and level them up with clicks of a mouse). I hit the top 900 in the U.S before I started burning out. Started getting many messages from other players asking me to trade, it was getting overwhelming.

    I never had the covid test. Was it easy? I'm actually glad I never had to be tested, because getting swabbed like that sounds highly uncomfortable. Yeah I seem to be getting some small energy in bursts. I kept crashing out halfway through cleaning, but it still looks much better than it did, and I feel way more comfortable sitting in my room. I'd like to start setting small goals for myself, I think that could really help out. Would really like to work on my driver's license this summer, so i don't have to rely on the bus schedules all the time. I drove a little bit, but found it extremely nerve wracking. Like...it's weird controlling this huge machine knowing one mistake will take my life away.

    Of course thanks for recommending cave story. If you have any other games, I'm always willing to try new things and look into stuff.
    thank <3

    (on another note I pulled the cute new spring Rin on my first 10 pull! she's so cute and I'm so happy to have her, regardless of if she's good or not :D
    AH! You just reminded me I need to go pay for a preorder for the μ's first years before the deadline on AmiAmi!

    As tempting as it may be, being picky and slow to acquire are the way to go. Unless you have the home space and budget space to do so. Source: my own experiences.
    The nesos being strewn about is more a function of the fact that I have so many (I think I have over 100) and not enough places to neatly put them away, lol. Collecting them is financially hazardous.

    It's a collection that's taken a few years to build up. Gotta be careful with how much you get as it is a colossal pain to pack them all away.
    Hello. It's nice hearing from you again.

    I didn't progress in Cave Story or Mega Man 7. Reason being that I purchased Xenoblade 2. Have you ever played something so good it's all you focused on? That's exactly what happened. I finished the entire game a few days back, totaling at around 80 hours. (very long for a JRPG). Now I'm focusing on the DLC which is a seperate 25 hour game. It was a wonderful experience. Um but I am confused, because I could have sworn I witnessed a hard mode on the menu. Even found a wiki page.


    Yeah the vaccines went okay. Got slightly sick after the second, nothing I couldn't handle. Didn't you mention enjoying the feeling of blending in with crowds? Either way, sorry to hear. I guess it may have been being in front of the line that made you anxious? I felt that way during highschool graduation. I had never stood in front of a crowd that big, even if it were just a few seconds. Around the same age, yep. I'm 20. I have a birthday next month. I posted myself in the picture thread with my dog. https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10329093#post10329093. You might see why I get mistaken for being younger than 18.

    Ah, I'm having trouble getting into Mega Man 7. The art style is throwing me. Initially I thought they were nice looking, while that's true I feel like the NES graphics felt more charming. Then I bought Xenoblade 2 and...mega man 7 left my brain. Now that I'm reminded of it, I'll give it another chance. But hey thanks for letting me know. I was confused at only seeing 4 bosses, and admit I'd rather them just throw all 8 and let me pick. So...after Mega Man 8 that stops being a thing and the game goes back to being open?

    Oh wow I forgot about Super Paper Mario too. Again thanks for reminding me. I was really enjoying that one. Uh aside from Xenoblade 2 I purchased Okami. I was playing that a little bit on the side, although I didn't get too far. (the first fight with orochi). I don't even know if you played it. It reminds me of The Legend of Zelda. Do you remember the Pokemon Go craze? I guess for us that were born after Gen 1, it's the closest we may experience to the excitement.

    I'm okay thanks. Hopefully your job is going well and everything. I got Ring Fit adventure for Switch. Hilariously I was doing a challenge I was stuck on, about to finally beat it, and accidently kicked so hard in the air I knocked the switch over and the game came out. Finally got my room cleaned up today. Just haven't had the energy for months, but I feel so much better now with it clean. So I'm fairly happy
    Hey Setsuna!

    We haven't bumped into each other much lately. and I just wanted to see how life is treating the Queen! :)
    What are the differences between difficulties anyways? I'm guessing higher difficulty just means the enemies have more health. I noticed even on easy there were tons of enemies. Overall I don't think my experience with the game was too difficult. Comparing it to Mega Man, it was easier than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 but harder than 6.

    Yes, I got one of my covid vaccinations this morning ^_^. I'm doing great so far, not even a sore arm. But it's only been a couple hours and I know side effects can appear later. My second part of vaccination is scheduled for May 7th. I agree, being positive is a gateway to happiness. Hilariously, the person giving the vaccine went off and started looking around for my parents. She assumed I was under 16 and couldn't sign the paperwork. If I get sick later it's okay too, I'm sure I can power through.

    Yeah I tried a bit of Mega Man 7 last night. Um it's different, that's for sure. I actually think the graphics are quite nice looking. But I don't like the controls. I do like how it seems to be more plot focused, and I tried Burst Man's stage to no success. I noticed only 4 stages to start? I guess more will be unlocked later? So for my opinions on Mega Man 6 (I forgot to mention that I finished it). Great game, not just for mega man, but as a video game I really enjoyed it. There were a couple moments I felt iffy about, like the sections with the fans and spikes before the boss rush.

    Nope, this is an almost completely blind playthrough of super paper mario. Just one of those things I skipped as a child. The only things I know are Dementio, and that I eventually get to control Peach and Bowser. I actually think Gen 1 is very charming and has a lot of mystique. The series was still in an infancy, so if you read the pokedex they mention real world locations, and describe pokemon much more like real animals. I wasn't born yet when Gen 1 released, but I always heard of the "pokemon craze" at the time, one of those things I would have liked to experience. (Didn't get to purchase it yet, my gamestop card was having some problems).
    Thanks! I already started the new file a couple days ago, albeit I didn't get too far yet (around the egg corridor). I picked normal this time and I wasn't sure if I had to pick hard for the best ending? But that looks easy enough to follow. This time I'll keep the polar star. Hopefully it's worth waiting that long. Also I found it funny I could just decline fighting balrog. I didn't know that in my first playthrough. And I just noticed the different difficulties make him a different color. I believe in your video the robot was grey. (gray? i don't know the spelling).

    My vaccine was cancelled. I was supposed to get the J&J shot tomorrow but the blood clot stuff came up. I already got myself a new appointment on Saturday. But yeah everything will be fine. If I could give one piece of advice (despite that i'm pretty sure i'm only like 1 year older than you), I think for every bad or worrisome day, there's usually a better one ahead. I get to travel with my family at the end of june, so that's exciting.

    You make items? So...crafting? Gross. Anyways I'm at the dr.wily stages in 6. (Amusingly stuck on stage 1). There's a part with spikes that I can't seem to get past with my jetpack. I did get beat. The secret exits were really obvious, I didn't even need a guide. I think the centaur flash has been the best item ever.

    Super Paper Mario has been fun. I'm at chapter 2-4. Initially I was disappointed because I thought the chapters would all have a plot attached, not just hopping around. But I'm glad I stuck with it, the mansion has been so fun. (And I accidentally got spoiled, so i know dimentio is more than they seem). I might buy pokemon red on 3DS. I think Gen 1 is somewhat charming and I feel like playing through it.
    yeah I looove skip tickets. they're so so good. I may just make a clone team of my main and replace some random cards with event ones to skip ticket with that, that's how I do it in other games lol
    Oh hey I'm at the end of Cave Story. I ended up figuring out the plantation out on my own (but I do appreciate the help). I did get stuck for a while on where to fix the sprinkler. I finished Final Cave without any issue. (2nd attempt). She took my booster which confused me, because I was thinking "what why"? I also beat Misery on my first try, but I'm not sure if you can go back and heal before the doctor? Or if this is a subsequent fight. Either way he beat me, so I'll be fighting misery again. (He didn't seem too bad, I got him down to minimum health). I'm guessing the final area you recorded must have been the secret final area (Blood Stained Sanctuary). Now I'm super curious about who the secret final boss would be. Also I like how the random dog gave me a health capsule. I jumped off the rocket when I saw him.

    Yeah your right. It helps knowing the side effects are normal and brief. I'm hoping with whatever happens, it won't be too severe. It's so easy with anxiety to start thinking irrationally. I feel like I'm on a countdown right now, where I'm dreading each passing day. Hopefully the actual injection isn't too bad either. It probably seems silly to worry of such things, but that's how anxiety is. There's 3 future days in late may/june I'm nervous for.

    It's tricky. Enjoyment is always subjective, so who knows. I learned this when I played Final Fantasy 13. (The most trashed and hated game that "ruined" the series became my favorite). I guess on this topic, it would be a good time to share what I think so far. My enjoyment has been 6 > 2 > 1 > 3 > 5 > 4. I changed my mind about 5. I think it was more fun than 4. It's fascinating you mentioned a decline. I know they introduce a shop system at some point? I just don't know when. I'm super excited to play MM9, I was looking up some videos of that. It looks so good. I think I might go through the game as Proto Man.

    The Gameboy titles are on the 3DS shop for extremely cheap prices. To me they don't seem as good, but if I'm ever craving more of the series I might try one. There's also something on the wiki called Mega Man GameGear, which is Mega Man 4 and 5 combined. It says the plot is Wily has revived some of his robots.

    Actually now that I think of it, I still had that full heal capsule. I probably could have beaten the doctor. oops. (though I don't know if he's really the last boss).

    I got Super Paper Mario as well, so I'm excited to play this one.
    It was fun doing indoor dining, but I'm not too into seafood. I'm supposed to be getting the covid vaccine within a week or two. My anxiety about it is really bad (particularly getting the side effects). It's consuming me and it's pretty much all I can think about.

    The plantation is massive. I'm trying to break it down section by section. The jails, statue room, there's teleportation rooms. There's an interesting section on top that I'm killed when I try to enter. I feel like it's something to do with the best ending. I'm actually not sure how to progress. The Migma aren't speaking to me. I actually don't mind if you want to say it. By the way what does the arms barrier do? It's nice that you have a parent who plays video games. My mother likes a few NES titles.

    So right now with Platinum I'm trying to get Ice Punch for Weavile, but it requires blue shards. I'm doing the underground mining thing, but not much luck. I actually found two heart scales and a fossil before I found a shard.

    Actually what you've been talking about makes me excited to try the Mega Man X games. I checked a video and the gameplay looks so fast and mega man seems so much more powerful. If I don't enjoy 7 maybe I'll try one of them instead. Is the difficulty on par with classic series or is it easier? Also have you seen the gameboy titles? They seem like miniature versions of the console ones, it's really neat.
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