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  • For next time you log in... I hope you're doing really well my friend. We miss you 😊
    Yess... the ascension is insanely exhausting. I feel like I can't keep up with it. Many people seem to be absolutely addicted to the game though and while I agree it's beautiful and has wonderful characters, the gameplay requires a bit too much time/dedication to me.. ;w; Congrats on getting Eula though if you did!!

    and yeah that was tough to set back D: Hopefully niji gets a little more focus, not sure if they want to keep majority of it to SIFAS or not but if so, seems like an odd choice to me. So many great card possibilities.
    Genshin dailies... oh god don't even get me started. I got too exhausted repeating the exact same things for an hour a day and stopped logging in :< Which is a shame because I really want to love playing it like others but.. the daily grind is just too unfun. Each time I increased the level cap of my main team members I'd unlock the next level cap stage and have to do it all over again too which was really tiring.
    Hello, it's okay. We might get a power outage since a hurricane may be coming through our area in the coming week. Historically whenever it comes towards Florida, it puts our state on watch.

    Having a donation incentive towards nicknames sounds like a fun idea. I imagine the bidding must get pretty heavy. Are there any runs at the upcoming event your looking forward to? It's only two days away. Sponsorships are okay, but I'll admit when I watch a video it's solely for the purpose of that video subject. I have little interest in advertised products and if it's not live I'll usually skip that part of the video. I remember a reviewer doing a loud sigh before he sponsored Raid Shadow Legends, which did get a laugh out of me. I know little about Raid Shadow Legends, however I've seen it on the receiving end of so much hatred.

    I can't recall trying any berry flavored foods/drinks aside from kool-aid. Juice is typically fine with me, aside from orange. I like apple and grape, but orange juice is unappealing. My favorite drink of all time is Lemonade, but my stomach hates it. I drink it anyways and just deal with feeling sick. It's too good to just give up. Even Pink Lemonade is amazing to me. Most foods have gotten more tolerable. A couple years ago I could hardly stand up if I ate pork. Soda is just completely out of the question now. Maybe like half a can of those tiny mini sodas on occasion, but it's easier to just never drink it.

    What is the category for something to be labeled "indie"? Is it anything that isn't created by a major company? If someone who isn't Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, makes a game is it automatically indie? I think it's short for independent, so that's what I would assume. But I'm also curious about what makes a company official. New Vegas was created by Obsidian, published by Bethesda. I don't think Obsidian would be categorized as Indie. Hopefully this isn't a stupid question. Yeah when it comes to inspiration I think the JRPG genre is fascinating to look at. Final Fantasy practically inspired everything after it, but Final Fantasy was inspired by Dragon Quest, but took way more elements from Dungeons and Dragons. I've never played Dungeons and Dragons, only watched as a spectator. It just didn't interest me much at all.

    It's hard for me to feel connected with people. I've talked with some people for years but have been too uncomfortable about sharing much about myself. When I open up and share something I like, and the person criticizes me, I shut off to that person forever. I shared a perfect test score with my uncle, who said it wasn't worth sharing because the test was dumbed down for immigrants. 4 years later and I'm still too uncomfortable to talk about myself around him. The conversations stay within sports and politics.

    Oh some of the New Vegas DLC is quite interesting, it's totally worth the small investment if you do another run. Honest Hearts was lame, but the DLC "Dead Money" turns the game into survival horror. Your character gets kidnapped and has to survive an abandoned casino with these gas mask ghosts searching for you. I figured you must have disabled him. If you confront him directly and tell him you won't give him the chip or won't work for him, he sends his entire army after you. I couldn't even knock out a single one of his robots.

    I haven't tried wine yet. My first question was "does it taste like sprite because it's similar in color". Apparently not, so I haven't tried it yet. And I got your add thanks. PS4 is the primary thing I play stuff on. I liked Dragon Quest 11 enough on PS4 that I bought the entire game again on Switch, so for a while that was the main thing I went back to the switch for.
    Hahaha, that is honestly me. x'D I go through 6 games' dailies every day, but fortunately most of them are very quick (especially with things like skip tickets to skip battles). But games that actually require a little more focus and attention would be a lot of mental work yeah... I can really only handle games that don't take massive brain power to play consistently. Feel bad that I can't actively manual play most phone games anymore either, it's why autobattle in All Stars and D4DJ is a godsend for me. :x
    That's quite amazing. Do the speedrunners pick a charity for each run, or is it a massive collective donation towards one charity? I'm actually excited to watch it this year. I guess with YouTube it would depend on the size of the channel. I've seen people with 50k-200k subs trying to make living solely from running a small channel, and while I think this would be a great side activity, it's understandable why they would struggle. Streaming seems to be a much better way to make money if that opportunity arose. It would be much harder and draining keeping a live audience entertained, but some of the donations can be insane. I think Twitch is more geared towards people trying to make a living from it.

    I was making oatmeal so frequently it made me question how fast I could do it. That video was rather slow because I had a phone in one hand. It's a random question, but do you like Yogurt? I have such a love hate relationship with it. It's so disgusting, but it helps soothe my stomach and I'm supposed to eat activia brand twice per day. I guess I'm gaining more tolerance, because it doesn't make me gag as much anymore.

    I haven't heard of 20XX. I did a search and it looks exactly like Mega Man. Even a review was calling it off brand Mega Man. The most successful indie game I can think of would be Undertale, which was inspired by Earthbound. Undertale is still it's own thing, and so was Earthbound. Earthbound was a risk, because it stepped away from the medieval genre JRPG's had been solely known for. It was almost expected that every JRPG would be like Final Fantasy. We are different in that regard, because I would rather visit a museum alone. I like taking my time and reading all the exhibits, and it's not fun being rushed. I also like watching movies alone because it helps my immersion.

    This conversation causes me to recall a bad memory. I had this exact same topic of discussion with my best friend about how we had cut people off. That best friend had said "I will never cut you off, and I promise that". Skip a few months later, they cut me off over something really stupid. I invested too much time with that friend over the years. In the months after that, I found out I've been way happier with my own company. I've never been great at friendship anyways. Talking with people is super easy and effortless, but when it comes to the "being a friend part" I fall pretty flat and rarely put in the effort. Many things deemed fun for teenagers/young adults I find unappealing. It might make me "lame", but i'd rather be lame than be a complete conformist. As a result I probably don't have as many friends as I could. One of my siblings playfully likes calling me a hipster, and I guess it's meant endearingly. Also that's sweet of your boyfriend to treat your birthday as it's own thing. I know someone who has a birthday on December 26th and yeah they do the same thing.

    My brother is only here for a short time (It's a miracle he was even here on my birthday). So I didn't have time to go searching for an SD card. It didn't matter anyways, I used a bunch of my birthday money to buy a bunch of the Dragon Quest games that were available on Switch. I already have them on other platforms, but on the Switch they look so visually pleasing. Did you play the DLC for Fallout: New Vegas? I used some of my birthday money to purchase that. I'm playing Honest Hearts right now (it's kind of lame but oh well). You must have taken a different approach for Mr. House because he sends his army of armor robots after you if you confront him directly. No idea how anybody would find that easy.

    The wedding was beautiful. I cried a slight bit for my older brother, I'm rarely one to tear up in public it was just too nice. I do exactly the same thing, making jokes about how drunk I'm going to get. I did it at the wedding and hardly ended up having much to drink. I had half a bottle of lemonade mixed with low alcohol. It was gross. I ended up tossing it out and drinking actual lemonade from the pitcher.

    Being honest, no we probably won't use the codes at all. But oh well, no harm in it. I have the picture of Toad. I'll probably add you in a bit.
    Oh hey guess what, I had actually had my first drink. It was a wedding party, didn't plan on drinking because i didn't care much for it. But someone was like "hey try this it's really good stuff" and I chugged it like water. (Not realizing wait I'm supposed sip this, proceeded to hurt my stomach too). It didn't even effect me much. Felt pretty chilled out after.

    Uh anyways I came to mention do you want to exchange switch friend codes? It's totally okay if you don't. But I should ask because I exchanged codes with people I've talked with for way less.
    Yeah same, I think. It's more convenient that way. Not sure how many others feel the same, but it does lessen the grind a lot since first copies aren't very pricey at all!

    I kind of want to play bandori again.. D4DJ and sif merge has really kicked me with motivation for rhythm games again lol
    Games Done Quick is always for charity, correct? If so, I might throw a small donation this year. I have never donated towards a stream or on a patreon. It turns me away when a YouTuber locks content behind a patreon. I drift from channel to channel, and when I discover I can't even see the best content unless I pay, it confuses me. Wouldn't you prefer to show your absolute best content for free as a way to keep viewers attention? Or maybe I'm getting it wrong, and these YouTubers are trying to say "If you want more of me, you can get more through optional payment". I might be going on a tangent, if it seems like it I apologize.

    It's okay. You've likely been one of the only people I've ever bought this up with. I mean I even try to see humor out of it and make stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F7xdmZxkDk to share around my small circle.

    I hadn't really thought of it that way, but yeah I guess Metroid was the pioneer. There likely wouldn't be things like Cave Story if Metroid hadn't been made way back then. Then again it makes me wonder if Metroid was really the pioneer, because who knows. There might have been some awkward obscure atari game that the creators of Metroid took inspiration from. Donkey Kong seems like it was inspired by Space Panic. And it's okay, I do silly things with my alarms sometimes. I set them at random intervals through the night. Thanks! I'm actually pretty restless about my birthday right now. Not restless in a bad way, it's just excitement. I know it'll be a good day.

    I'm glad you had fun on the museum trip. I was about to ask which kind, but then saw the mention about maritime. We live near a bunch of museums and it's something I enjoy. Even though my dad is no longer with us, I still went to breakfast with my other family members, it was fun too.

    I see. I've cut people off due to anxiety related purposes. I've had moments of thinking that my presence isn't wanted, and that by removing myself from the other person it's better that way. It's followed by peace of mind and sometimes a semblance of regret.

    So on another note, my older brother was going to get me the 3DS version of Dragon Quest 8. Sadly, my 2DS only has a storage of 18,000 blocks and Dragon Quest 8 is 28,000. He got me the new Pokemon Snap game instead and I'm greatly enjoying it. There's a mobile version of Dragon Quest 8, but they removed voice acting which is no fun. Never cared much about gifts or getting money anyways. I mean I don't complain, but whenever I receive a "happy birthday" i just feel immensely happy from that alone. I don't really except people to remember so i always feel a little flustered. Oh and I actually made progress in new vegas, the farthest I've ever gotten. I'm running independent and I'm going to end up saving every tribe. I tried to kill mr house and failed miserably. Same with ceaser. I marched in thinking "this is going to be an easy assassination" and they tore me to shreds.
    Hi Setsuna! Haven't seen you in The Last One to Post Wins thread in a long time (since that's the thread I spend most of my time in :P) . Hope you're doing good! :D
    Hope it will be yeah! The sticker shop should really just be updated with all the missed SRs/URs from events that global players may've missed, I hope they'll have some sense to do that sometime soon. Even event reruns would be okay, JP can handle some repeats. ;_; Or we can have two going at once even, one new and one repeat for WW, as tough as that would be... it would be more annoying to miss it forever.

    I spent a little bit of money on the guaranteed UR packs (choose your girl) since they were only $3.99 per. Got 4, and 3/4 were dupes... lol gacha life
    Our trip is delayed until the end of July, so I might watch some of it. 100% for Majora's Mask interests me. But it's also no source. I didn't know about a 3D cave story until I looked at this list. It doesn't look charming. I would still try it.

    I changed my mind. I'm collecting everything in Mega Man 7. Right now I have the Rush Jet and almost all letters. As a side note, even if I wanted, I can't just binge eat and put on weight. I have a stomach disease. It would make me sick. Primarily I almost only eat oatmeal. This year I've been able to start eating other foods again. I had pizza for dinner.

    I see. You mean you feel driven through gameplay instead of narrative and I understand. My push comes from constant dialogue. New Vegas is perfect because there's a constant stream of dialogue. I still understand what you meant through my experience playing cave story. It was fun playing with the upgrades.

    I recalled this conversation when they showed Metroid. I'm happy for fans of the series. I did watch the presentation, I am excited for the Mario Part 1-3 mix, wario, and the zelda game&watch. My mother loves older zelda, so it would be a nice birthday gift for her. My own birthday is next wednesday.

    It's nice that you've been well. Hope things continue going smoothly. There's also father's day coming up. Do you have anything nice planned? It's always fun to try new games, especially socially.

    Lately I really started missing an old friend. for some reason this feeling came out of nowhere. https://www.pokecommunity.com/converse.php?u=683473&u2=694894. I feel he'll probably never log on again (judging by the date of these conversations). I started thinking about it recently though. Have you gone through this feeling at all? If it's okay to ask.
    I'm always so heartbroken when I don't get the card I want.. but at least it's not as bad as before, where I'd throw $100 or something in hopes of getting it, and then still not get it... ;_; stinks you didn't get it I know the feel

    I haven't touched JP SIF in a couple of years so I'm not sure, but it will take some time to get used to these new features we got as a result of the merge. And I feel bad for the WW players who religiously participate in events or wanted specific cards we would've been slated to get before the merge. Some missed event cards I hope players would at least be able to get through the sticker shop or something.. x_X sucks that we miss out on those events
    I started watching Attack on Titan. I'm having so much fun with it, and I think the animation is beautiful. I'm currently using an English dub. And god i'm so sorry, i skimmed the last message and realized I might have spoiled something with Xenoblade. I got caught up in the excitement of speaking about it. A wave of guilt hit me.

    Looks like there's a games done quick event coming up on July 4th if your interested in the stream. https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule and here's the schedule if you want to look at it. I immediately saw Mega Man X which is neat. Hopefully this isn't a weird question, but how was the behavior at these conventions? I've heard stories I've found unsettling and it turns me off from ever going to a larger one. Not a fan of large gatherings anyways. If I notice a lack of security I immediately get really bad anxiety. There was a shooting at my school in 2018 (bringing this up so you get where I'm coming from, and so I don't sound crazy). Hope you had fun at the TGC convention. How was it?

    How would you feel about Legends of Arceus taking inspiration from Breath of the Wild? If I remember correctly, your opinion on breath of the wild wasn't high. However I think it could be super cool having ideas put into practice with Pokemon. I wasn't a huge fan of the side quests in Breath of the Wild. Like, comparing them to New Vegas, they felt so dull. Yeah I pretty much only truly cared about Dragon Quest and that had its own presentation before E3. There wasn't much about Mega Man beside some sort of mobile game. I think it would be fun if they did something crazy, like if Mega Man 12 Wily and Light switched roles and you had to fight Mega Man at the end. That...will probably never happen, but fun to think about. Is Mega Man 7 going to be painfully difficult if I skip item collecting? I don't even want to turn the game on anymore because I'm dreading hunting everything. Part of me wants to get it over with so I can experience the other entries in the series.

    We were doing a family thing this weekend, and a family friend decided to tell me "I think you should eat more meat". I let loose with how I thought about this. I wouldn't go up to somebody and tell them "I think you should eat less". Nothing good comes out of making comments like this, all you do is make the other person self conscious about something they likely are already aware of. Also it's insensitive to make a comment on someone else's body in the first place. It wasn't much of an argument because he quickly changed the subject. I've done tons of volunteer work. It's something I feel somewhat proud of (some of it anyways, some stuff I just wasn't good at).

    I have mixed feelings about that. I can't imagine being motivated in a game where there's no dialogue or story incentive to push me forward. Even Pokemon has something, with the rival always being prevalent. I loved Metal Gear and The Last Of Us because they had 30-40 minute cutscenes frequently. Sometimes I hear "If you like cutscenes so much, why not just watch a movie". It's a simple answer. Movies aren't interactive.

    Random question, but how have you been doing, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for logging on and keeping up with these messages.
    I blasted through a lot of the story I hadn't done yet so that was a lot of gems! But I gotta admit I did try pulling on the recent banner with angel Riko a few 10-sets, didn't get her though... T_T So there went quite a bit of gems ;_;

    And cool! I wasn't sure honestly, I'm getting back into it now myself with the merge! Lots is different now that we're not 6 months behind JP anymore. I think it's worth trying again to see how you like the changes <3
    If you are interested in soundtracks, Attack on Titan and Xenoblade X have the same composer. If I were to watch an anime, it would be Attack on Titan. (Maybe very soon). I've heard good things about it. I appreciate that you threw the recommendation for Love Live. I wouldn't totally write that off either, but it was...kind of rough considering I had almost never seen Japanese animation. Also I don't know if Love Live had an english dub, but I'm not accustomed to relying on subtitles either. You can recruit Shulk if you have the expansion pass, but...I'm kind of glad I didn't. There's a rather big fan service spot in Chapter 10 and I don't know how it would play out if you have Shulk in your party. It might be removed entirely, or it might be confusing. (basically your supposed to be listening to his fight with zanza through a portal, and it would be really, really goofy if he was standing there in your party).

    Thank you for the link. I'll check it out. "The Completionist" YouTube channel just did a Cave Story video, if you follow him you might be interested. (But it's a 25 minute video, so I won't link it). I see the speedrun you linked is under an hour, I know Cave Story isn't a long game, but I find that incredible. I guess maybe there's a way to skip certain areas. Also have you gotten to attend any events such as Games Done Quick in person? I always felt like it would be a neat experience, yet not one I could foresee myself ever doing. The only thing I've ever attended was a small comic con. I don't remember much about it, other than liking the food. How would you feel about a game incorporating all the regions? I don't see this ever happening, especially with every passing generation adding more and more regions. We also haven't had multiple regions since Gen 2/4. Yet it's still something I see in discussion fairly often. Also I didn't know you were a fan of the Sun/Moon art style. My favorite style is GSC because it sort of reminds me of a coloring book scheme.

    Are you going to watch E3? Looks like I'll miss this one, since i'll be doing something with my family around that time. I'm not sure how they go about announcing the Mega Man titles (if they use E3 or if it's out of the blue), but it would be cool to see something regarding Mega Man 12. Took a slight pause from Mega Man because I've continued my never ending cycle of starting and not finishing Fallout: New Vegas. I started a new file again because it's been 7 months. I'm thinking about just using guns and explosives and trying to brute force my way through. If you ever get into Skyrim, which I remember you mentioning having on a backlog, the sneak stat completely destroys that entire game. Once it hits a certain number, you can crouch right in front of enemies and they won't see you.

    More than any job (or anything in the world for that matter), I wish I could learn self acceptance. I keep it private so I probably don't come off that way, but I'm constantly picking traits of myself that I wish could be different. (Personality wise and physically). As a small example, looking at myself and instantly feeling discomfort because I feel my arms are too skinny. It sucks, and seeps into things like trying to fill out these job applications. Because I gut myself with self disdain.

    That's interesting that's it's not plot heavy. I remember turning on Super Metroid and seeing a long intro. But thanks for the warning. I'm not going to totally turn something away because it doesn't have a plot. (I mean I still like Pokemon). Not sure if your into the subject of history at all? But that's sort of why I find Fallout appealing. And I guess it's different learning it here. The U.S as an independent nation is less than 250 years old. I took a single college semester of history and learned our entire story in a few months...We had to take a course on getting warmed up and introduced to college, and my professor was a much older man, turns out he was an American Sniper who fought in Vietnam during the 1970's. He was the nicest and most encouraging person I had ever met. Sometimes he would even ask to meet with me privately to make sure my other classes were going okay, sometimes he would even open up and tell stories. (although they were really brutal).
    ahahaha I know! Maki was my original best girl too! Kanan meanwhile, while I love her and all the girls, was never really in my favorites list... wish I could trade my URs of her with someone who has a bunch of Rikos they don't care about ;w;

    LLSIF Global is merging with JP, do you think you'd be curious in checking things out again once the maintenance ends?
    Sweet! I got a cute Kanan UR from the membership pass pull not long ago and now I have more of her URs than any other girl. 4 or 5 or something?? wish I had that many Riko T_T and yay! Will accept soon :D
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