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  • K
    good morning to you too ;p
    did you even sleep? smh
    this warning. :^)
    me likes.
    so cute.

    This is a message to all the predators that have recently visited my profile. I'll have you know, that I have dirt on all of you. Beware where you step on here because I have hidden some very incriminating things on here. If you are caught looking at them, you could easily find yourself in a courtroom in the near future.
    Now of course, I can predict what your poor excuse for a response would be. "But you had to look for them to find them."
    WRONG!!!I found the portfolio of incrimination without the help of my eyes, and thats all you need to know. I warn you to take this warning very seriously stalkers. I warned you. Dont make this situation more tense than it already is.
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