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  • + Essentials don't have good move animations, is it easy to add animations for moves (the animation of surf is really bad)
    No, before you do things, I am still confused to use which one, Essentials will take a long time, but has features, ROM hacking wont take much time and is much popular, that's why...
    I think I will stick to ROM hacking as after playing Uranium for a bit, it feels weird for a pokemon game...
    After playing FireAsh for a little bit, I will decide...
    Sorry for disturbing, but the bag you are making wont be useless as I will use for ROM hacking
    I will play it for sure... Today, I will start Let's go Togepi, would you join the project (I mean little helps)(And only if you have time, if you say no, then also I dont have any problem)..
    I will also credit
    Welcome, and all the best to you too, I thought of playing FireAsh, but I won't and will play your...
    +Use Custom tiles of good graphics (Both Ash games dont have custom tiles)
    +A play with pokemon system (minigame)
    +Dimension travel system in Post Game, so you go to a different dimension (eg : RED's) and then defeat the protagonists
    (I think it is simple by using warps)

    Then this will be the best Ash game and FireAsh and AshGray may have decreased popularity
    Some 14 year old Indian is making an essentials game, set in old India and is recruiting, are you interested? I am but I want to learn first ??????
    Cool, all the best, I am starting Pokemon Let's Go Togepi and Let's Go Pichu, but it is not like good old pokemon games, it is more like a festival time game.
    SO, I am confused should I use Essentials or ROM hacking because I want extra features
    But I am scared to use essentials because; Pokemon Uranium was taken down, essentials was taken down, what if my game become famous (I dont think), Nintendo may take it down
    Your reply helped, thanks, are you currently working on any pokemon project? I am working one
    Hi, welcome, I am happy to get a new friend..
    can you please respond to my thread I posted today in essentials forum if you know.
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