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  • Haha yeah, binge watching anime is for the breaks and summer. Some days I would binge watch like 20 episodes and that's enough for almost 2 seasons of most anime. xp

    OMG I love Death Note, I've watched through the dub twice and seen most of the subbed version as well. I so wish they would have made a continuation of the series, I want to see what happens to Light as a Shinigami. Or maybe even another Death Note story would be cool as well. Yeah, I've wanted to watch Tokyo Ghoul for some time now, but haven't gotten around to it. I'm in the Tokyo Ghoul gmae on here though haha.
    Yeah, I've been watching some new anime but there's tons more which I'm itnerested in. Recently I've been watching Haikyuu!!, One Piece, Prince of Stride: Alternative, and Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage.

    I enjoy watching them but don't have as much time nowadays. :p
    What are some of your favorites
    I'm doing well, just got back from playing some Poker. I may watch some anime now but idk. Do you like anime? :)
    Looks like it has been a month since you were on as well. I was wondering if the RP was still going on. My skype hasn't been working so I haven't been able to get on. But I have also been busy.
    Thanks! I honestly didn't even realize it was my anniversary! With friends like you, I look forward to even more years of games!
    Hey, it looks like you haven't been online in a while, and because I have yet to receive a SU for Venice and were starting soon, I will be removing you from the player list. I hope to see you join in a later arc, though
    Don't think of it as pressure, think of it as friendly encouragement to do your best. I only ask to see the extent of what you can do because you have impressed me with what you have already shown.

    Trust me, if you give your all to longer posts then you will receive appreciation and recognition from your peers. The people around here are all quite friendly and, obviously, quite fond of writing. I feel that you could do a lot to impress them if you throw your all into it so I will encourage you to do so! ^^
    Oh? You're joining Venice are you? I haven't checked the thread in a while...

    Ahh! Seems you are indeed going to be joining us. How pleasant, I look forward to RPing with you and seeing those longer posts.

    Be sure to show me your full potential and greatest effort during the RP~ Haha, I'd be rather interested to see it.
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