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  • Well that's good to hear at least. It honestly reminds me of my old days of RPing, frequent fervent and very in the moment exciting. These days though I prefer slower RPs with much longer posts. Like Titans, for example.

    Not that there's anything wrong with either method, I suppose as I continued to RP and my posts got longer and slower it was just easier to keep up in an RP where said same was more common. XD
    Great! I don't think you'll really need it, but Gunpowder is a good reference for the pace and post length I think people will aim for.
    I like them because it gives people a lot to do, but it might be hard to fit 16 characters in the story, haha. Also, quick thing, a lot of the people in Venice right now are more of the long posts crowd, that like interaction to go through JPs. I think that might be worth mentioning, before you go in and expect a similar pace to Darker Than It Seems.
    I'm not amazing in the slightest haha :)
    You're around in a few RPs right now aren't you? Although I think Venice will be the first we are both in.
    I've seen you around a fair bit, probably about time I said hello xD

    ^assume that's a hello
    Oh please, please you needn't flatter me. My ego is already bigger than it needs to be. I'm just writing for fun like everyone else, haha.

    Studying from home must be rather useful for things like RP, a part of me wishes I had the privilege. Still the most important rule of RP is that real life comes first, so try not to push yourself too hard in regards to sleep.
    I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head... dark something. Let me check.

    "Darker than it seems." That's the one, I read through some of it and you're one of the best writers in there.

    Still, that RP moves at an unreal rate. I'd heard people talk about it before but that's about it. Does it not get difficult to keep up with?
    Here, have a random visitor message because I enjoyed reading what you wrote.
    I'm in almost the same situation. It's a bit better for me though, as there is a very small shop nearby, but I have to travel 30 minutes to get to anything interesting.
    Owh wow, that's a really messed up sleep schedule? Don't you need to do things when it's day? Haha
    Gimmepie and under_score are australian too, but luckily they seem to be nocturnal, so it works out, haha.
    I can imagine that being hard. As someone from Europe it's hard to do JP's with these Americans and Australians, haha. It's probably why I don't do them to often. Orchestrating a big group one would be really hard.

    That makes developing a character so much more fun, if other people's interaction plays in with it.
    I haven't really read much of it, but I can imagine it. I think I like JP'ing more because of that. You answer on each others questions in real time, and put some thought in the conversation before starting it, having a predetermined goal and all. But if an RP is very based on the characters interacting, I can see that taking away from it. If you write as your character, do you basically chat with each other as your characters, or are you guys more trying to write a story about them?
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