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  • I know what you mean! Okay, awesome! I'm looking forward to getting to that point in the story then xD So far I'm aiming to read one chapter in the morning whilst drinking my tea. I've successfully completed that one day in a row :cool:
    Ah that's cool. And I can definitely attest to that, I've not played any of the games I think... Apart from a short while on the GameCube version at a friend's house many years ago and I've read the first 3 chapters so far and it's all making sense to me so far. The flow of the story is nice, I'm occasionally forgetting who is who and their links to others but I think that's more a me problem than a writing problem, I'm like that with most things!
    Haha yes I'm noticing a pattern with those games xD But that's not a bad thing! Everyone has things they like so it's cool to stick with it. And I guess at the same time all the farming games will potentially inspire you for some of your fanfic's stories!
    That's good to hear! It's important that you're enjoying the writing, I find that it helps me make better stuff if I'm enjoying it too.

    Same here! It's been years since I've done one so I'm looking forward to trying one out again. I've signed up to the 2023 gaming challenge here with a goal of 1 game per month, so I need to find some. At the moment I've got Judgment planned as well as Age of Decadence. But then I'm starting to run out of ideas! What have you been playing recently?
    You're welcome! I'm glad to hear it's been going great for you! Oooh that sounds interesting, I'll add that to my reading list, genuinely looking forward to giving it a read :D

    I've been busy! I've moved country twice now and started a brand new job just last week. But now things have started to calm down a bit so I can work on some personal projects I've been looking forward to doing, like an RP on the forums here and playing some games!
    Hey hey!
    Checking in again for my 3 yearly visit xD

    How have you been? I hope you recovered from the Halloween food poisoning. And how has the writing been going? I'd love to read some if you're sharing :D
    That's awesome! I'm glad to hear that. How's everything down There? Things have gotten very hectic here since the quarantine started for us. I'm a DC worker, so we've ramped up into high gear. Lots of stress, and not a lot of reprieve.
    I had a Switch.... that's why I don't play games much anymore. I lost 220 hours on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 when my Switch bricked. I'm currently playing Doom 3, and Doom 2016 on my PS4
    I normally don't play to many games anymore. I think this last week, I've played more games than I have in 10 months lol
    Nice, I liked SpongeBob, glad to hear it had a good musical adaptation. I pretty much did the same thing yesterday. I played a couple of videogames yesterday, and that was about it.
    I know Beetlejuice and Grease, I didn't know that SpongeBob had a musical?!?! Also happy V-day, hope it's going well.
    I love D&D, it has been amazing over the last couple of years. I would check local comic books shops, or pick up the D&D starter set off of Amazon, and play a game with some friends.
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