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  • I'm going to be on a boat for three days. I have mixed feelings. It's a long time to be in a crowded space and honestly I do have moments on trips that I crave to be home. Hope you've been feeling better now and everything. Yeah can't imagine sleeping on a plane would feel decent either.

    I love the atmosphere of amusement parks. Depending on the park, it can be so uplifting and cheerful. For some reason, Roller Coasters only make me anxious while waiting in line. It's more of the thought of riding that scares me. When I actually get strapped into the seat I feel okay. Coming to realize this has made me feel less afraid.

    My older brother gifted me Stardew Valley on Steam. I would like to try it before leaving late this week. Do you still play Animal Crossing or has that faded out?
    It's okay. I'm leaving the US next week. Looks like our conversation will be out of commission for a while. (but it's okay, you will always be a cherished friend to me).

    Oh, I have to bring up the ridiculous prices at six flags. It was $16 for a single pizza slice. That's the sole slice of pizza alone. Not even with a drink or anything. $7.00 for a Gatorade. $12:00 for a slushie. Needless to say, I did not eat each much at the park.

    Speaking of health, I haven't aged out of my metabolism yet. It bothers me when I drop below 140 LBS because it visibly thins me out. But it's hard to maintain the weight unless I eat like crazy. Ah well.

    Are you planning on playing anything else now that Xenoblade is done?
    We had fun. Our last day was spent at a six flags theme park. It's been difficult. The next visit will be 2024. It's a long time away .-. The park wasn't too good, but the day spent together was great. I know that sounds strange. 60% of the rides were closed, and that isn't an exaggeration. We were struggling to find opened rides.

    I never played any of the DLC's, despite having Xenoblade 1, 2, and 3. Are you interested in playing the sequel? I wish I could have enjoyed the third game, but it's not 'clicking' with me like the others did. Ah well. We all have differing opinions.

    I was backed into a corner. I didn't want to be hospitalized again, so my only option was giving the medicine a try. I have not been hospitalized since November 2019. The lexapro worked. They were originally going to put me on Xanax until my doctor immediately took that away due to age related purposes. (guess i'm lucky to have one who cares).
    It's been okay. My older brother took me to a burger king today and my sister took me to a movie. They leave in a couple days. I'll cry. Probably pretty badly. That sounds melodramatic but I really loved having the company. It's been some of the best days for me since they came over. I'll be alone again. Aside from you and a friend I text sometimes. Departures hurt.

    I didn't know you went through with Xenoblade. I hope you had fun with it? I only fully finished it once. It's a long game.

    Yeah if I get anxious it can start pain down in my stomach. However, I also get a plethora of nasty effects. I go numb through the body, shake uncontrollably, soreness, etc. Have been less anxious lately with spurs of episodes poking it's head in here and there. I like being on lexapro and I'm happy I found something that worked for me.
    I know you don't live in the states right now, but I hope you had a good July 4th.

    ...You aren't missing much, other than some very loud fireworks.
    I'm okay. It was about a 24 hour ordeal. I had a bad fever. I woke up in a sweat, which doesn't usually happen when I get sick. I knew it was the shot. I've been a little anxious lately. No real reason...it happens sometimes.

    Yeah, I was a small child when we lost that dog. It REALLY sucked, because there was a certain love and unity that surrounded my family and her. There was a silver lining. After she passed away, we would adopt a new dog (named daisy) that would become part of our family for 9 years. That one passed away in 2019 from a suspected tumor. Pets stay forever in our hearts.

    How are you doing lately? I'm a little tired. I find myself unable to stay up until late hours now. Wish it weren't the case, but when the clocks hits 11:00 I find myself crashing out ._. I also have GERD. I try to eat an early dinner so my body can digest foods, but if I eat late it can keep me awake when I don't want to be.
    I'm sick .-. I got another COVID booster today. I'm getting a bad reaction this time. Hopefully it doesn't last long because I can't sleep at all.

    It's a siasmese fish. He hasn't gotten his colors yet. Honestly he looks more like a little speck right now. I opted for a baby because (while they sell adults) it's hard to tell how old they are. Didn't want to take home a 4 year old fish and have it die immediately. Uh, sad story, but that actually happened to a dog we bought home once. She was apparently...much older and unhealthier than we were told.

    Oh, the nurse was really understanding. She was like "I get white coat syndrome too". Then I took the test again on the way out and I had good blood pressure. For me it's a matter of settling in and seeing my physician before calming down. I'm at my worst upon coming into the appointment.
    Thank you very much! It made my day better.

    It was a nice birthday. We didn't do much until the evening, then I had cake and pizza with my family. I had a good day.
    We got a new fish. He is a baby. He's a little difficult to spot in our tank because of his tiny size, but it's been a new endeavor to take care of such a creature. And yeah I do relate to what you said. I feel bad seeing the fish in such tiny plastic bowls. Almost no room for them to swim in what the pet stores provide. (not all of them are bad, but there's a select few).

    It went okay. Turns out I have good blood pressure. I was really nervous though and it had to be taken twice. Not much else to say there. I have my medicine again. I wish you well for the dental visit.

    Um, oh! And tomorrow is my birthday! (june 23). I don't know how I'll spend it. I've had a really good month and have done most of what I wanted. Regardless, I hope it is a nice day.
    Ah, yeah I need to pick back up some hobbies. Our library was recently built. It's large and there are lots of places to sit. Has become one of my favorite places. What kind of books do you like?

    My mother said we would go out today and look for a new fish. We shall see how it goes. I honestly adored the one I had. He was filled with personality. As I mentioned, taking care of him became part of my routine. It's been a little...empty.

    The appointment making went tokay. I think I'm doing better at making phone calls. As for the actual appointment, it's going to be Thursday, June 22. One day before my birthday. (agh i'm nervous. doctors cause lots of anxiety for me). It's like how you mentioned feeling about flying. Being in a doctor office really gets me.
    Good morning. It has been great. To be honest, my siblings are all very quiet people. Yesterday we hung out at the library. The company is so nice. The downside is that my fish died last night. He was blue siamese. I grew attached. He had all sorts of little quirks and it was a daily routine taking care of him. My mother said we would go find a new one.

    My brother was telling me about the new trilogy. I'm only at case 4 of the first game. (edgeworth incident on the boat). I have a long ways to go. As for mobile games, subway surfers, bloons tower defense, dragon quest 5, and I put a gameboy emulator on my phone.

    Speaking of not controlling emotions, I have to make a doctor's appointment (medication related). Ahh I don't like them at all. Massive point of stress for me. I'm also on my own medical plan now. I could stay on my parent's plan until I turn 26. Instead of waiting that long, we opted that I find my own doctor.
    Speaking of time flying, my older siblings are visiting tomorrow. I am excited. Sort of crave having the company around. I bought it up already, but it does get lonely year round not having anyone at home to speak with. (aside from my mother, i guess).

    I feel similar about the switch. It's not my favorite nintendo product, but its okay. I miss the virtual console. The online service occasionally has neat additions with the updates, but I liked being able to explore and select my own titles from retro systems. It was a gateway into experiencing eras that I missed. (SNES, N64, etc). I did buy Ace Attorney trilogy today. Capcom is having a big sale.

    Is the flying starting to feel easier? Sometimes when we repeat tasks many times it takes some of the strain off. Then again, with anxiety such is not always the case. I still get overwhelmed and anxious with doctor's appointments. (I have to make one soon too. urf).

    I have been fiddling with mobile gaming a little more. The play store does have some neat stuff on it. It's also massive. Makes a good time killer.
    Yeah that reminds me of some stinging words from my English Teacher. "I'm 50 and don't know how it happened. It feels like I blinked and time flew through me". It was something that stuck with me in what was otherwise an awful class. I had awful growing pains. It hit me at the same time everyday and I simply couldn't focus in that class. It was like my leg was being battered.

    I digress. It is interesting comparing our experiences. For example: I'm very fond of the Wii U. I got one when I turned 12, and it was my first 'personal' console. (we had a Wii, but it wasn't mine specifically). My French teacher also had a Wii U, so we stuck around with and played in his class after school. Isn't it interesting how what we grew up with influences our opinions? I simply can't hate the console. The general opinion is negative, but I don't follow it.

    I hope Boston is fun for you! We don't live far from Washington DC, so the White House trip will most likely only be a day. Are you planning on going home to New York for a bit?
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