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  • I know you don't live in the states right now, but I hope you had a good July 4th.

    ...You aren't missing much, other than some very loud fireworks.
    I'm okay. It was about a 24 hour ordeal. I had a bad fever. I woke up in a sweat, which doesn't usually happen when I get sick. I knew it was the shot. I've been a little anxious lately. No real reason...it happens sometimes.

    Yeah, I was a small child when we lost that dog. It REALLY sucked, because there was a certain love and unity that surrounded my family and her. There was a silver lining. After she passed away, we would adopt a new dog (named daisy) that would become part of our family for 9 years. That one passed away in 2019 from a suspected tumor. Pets stay forever in our hearts.

    How are you doing lately? I'm a little tired. I find myself unable to stay up until late hours now. Wish it weren't the case, but when the clocks hits 11:00 I find myself crashing out ._. I also have GERD. I try to eat an early dinner so my body can digest foods, but if I eat late it can keep me awake when I don't want to be.
    I'm sick .-. I got another COVID booster today. I'm getting a bad reaction this time. Hopefully it doesn't last long because I can't sleep at all.

    It's a siasmese fish. He hasn't gotten his colors yet. Honestly he looks more like a little speck right now. I opted for a baby because (while they sell adults) it's hard to tell how old they are. Didn't want to take home a 4 year old fish and have it die immediately. Uh, sad story, but that actually happened to a dog we bought home once. She was apparently...much older and unhealthier than we were told.

    Oh, the nurse was really understanding. She was like "I get white coat syndrome too". Then I took the test again on the way out and I had good blood pressure. For me it's a matter of settling in and seeing my physician before calming down. I'm at my worst upon coming into the appointment.
    Thank you very much! It made my day better.

    It was a nice birthday. We didn't do much until the evening, then I had cake and pizza with my family. I had a good day.
    We got a new fish. He is a baby. He's a little difficult to spot in our tank because of his tiny size, but it's been a new endeavor to take care of such a creature. And yeah I do relate to what you said. I feel bad seeing the fish in such tiny plastic bowls. Almost no room for them to swim in what the pet stores provide. (not all of them are bad, but there's a select few).

    It went okay. Turns out I have good blood pressure. I was really nervous though and it had to be taken twice. Not much else to say there. I have my medicine again. I wish you well for the dental visit.

    Um, oh! And tomorrow is my birthday! (june 23). I don't know how I'll spend it. I've had a really good month and have done most of what I wanted. Regardless, I hope it is a nice day.
    Ah, yeah I need to pick back up some hobbies. Our library was recently built. It's large and there are lots of places to sit. Has become one of my favorite places. What kind of books do you like?

    My mother said we would go out today and look for a new fish. We shall see how it goes. I honestly adored the one I had. He was filled with personality. As I mentioned, taking care of him became part of my routine. It's been a little...empty.

    The appointment making went tokay. I think I'm doing better at making phone calls. As for the actual appointment, it's going to be Thursday, June 22. One day before my birthday. (agh i'm nervous. doctors cause lots of anxiety for me). It's like how you mentioned feeling about flying. Being in a doctor office really gets me.
    Good morning. It has been great. To be honest, my siblings are all very quiet people. Yesterday we hung out at the library. The company is so nice. The downside is that my fish died last night. He was blue siamese. I grew attached. He had all sorts of little quirks and it was a daily routine taking care of him. My mother said we would go find a new one.

    My brother was telling me about the new trilogy. I'm only at case 4 of the first game. (edgeworth incident on the boat). I have a long ways to go. As for mobile games, subway surfers, bloons tower defense, dragon quest 5, and I put a gameboy emulator on my phone.

    Speaking of not controlling emotions, I have to make a doctor's appointment (medication related). Ahh I don't like them at all. Massive point of stress for me. I'm also on my own medical plan now. I could stay on my parent's plan until I turn 26. Instead of waiting that long, we opted that I find my own doctor.
    Speaking of time flying, my older siblings are visiting tomorrow. I am excited. Sort of crave having the company around. I bought it up already, but it does get lonely year round not having anyone at home to speak with. (aside from my mother, i guess).

    I feel similar about the switch. It's not my favorite nintendo product, but its okay. I miss the virtual console. The online service occasionally has neat additions with the updates, but I liked being able to explore and select my own titles from retro systems. It was a gateway into experiencing eras that I missed. (SNES, N64, etc). I did buy Ace Attorney trilogy today. Capcom is having a big sale.

    Is the flying starting to feel easier? Sometimes when we repeat tasks many times it takes some of the strain off. Then again, with anxiety such is not always the case. I still get overwhelmed and anxious with doctor's appointments. (I have to make one soon too. urf).

    I have been fiddling with mobile gaming a little more. The play store does have some neat stuff on it. It's also massive. Makes a good time killer.
    Yeah that reminds me of some stinging words from my English Teacher. "I'm 50 and don't know how it happened. It feels like I blinked and time flew through me". It was something that stuck with me in what was otherwise an awful class. I had awful growing pains. It hit me at the same time everyday and I simply couldn't focus in that class. It was like my leg was being battered.

    I digress. It is interesting comparing our experiences. For example: I'm very fond of the Wii U. I got one when I turned 12, and it was my first 'personal' console. (we had a Wii, but it wasn't mine specifically). My French teacher also had a Wii U, so we stuck around with and played in his class after school. Isn't it interesting how what we grew up with influences our opinions? I simply can't hate the console. The general opinion is negative, but I don't follow it.

    I hope Boston is fun for you! We don't live far from Washington DC, so the White House trip will most likely only be a day. Are you planning on going home to New York for a bit?
    My uncle is taking me to see the White House in a few weeks for my birthday.

    Exciting! I've always wanted to see it in person. A silly little bucket list thing.
    The zoo was fun. I generally love animals. We also went hiking on a trail. The sickness actually started in the car on the way home. I didn't vomit, but I was groaning out load in pain. It lasted until 1:00 AM that night. I still don't know what caused something like that. I had a soda. (I almost never drink them). So maybe my body just didn't appreciate it.

    I don't think the age difference between you and me is quite 15 years, but it's not entirely far off either. It hasn't really made a difference with our conversations. Although if you were to direct the chatter onto life experiences, it would expose my immaturity. We are absolutely at different points (which is okay). Just note that there are certain topics that I likely would not be able to keep up with yet.

    Yeah, sometimes things just click. You messaged me randomly and it's flowed for years. I don't fault you for being busy. My own replies are erratic. Recently I've been quick, but I had a few months of taking weeks at a time. It's only natural and I don't really except picture perfect reply time. (knowing how I personally am) gives me a better understanding towards others. I will be gone for about half of August. I am leaving the U.S.

    Your profile is pretty. I like the orange and pink color scheme. Mine is such a mess. I tried to theme it because I didn't know how to make the colors mesh.
    Yeah everybody has a different amount that works for them specifically. Let me know how it works out. Unrelated, but I went away this weekend. I visited a zoo. It was fun, although I returned home feeling very sick. Some of the most intensive stomach pain I have felt. Thankfully it only lasted a couple days.

    @Hyzenthlay gave me the idea to try making a version of the thread in Trivia. I will try that at some point. (and thanks for the kind words).

    Depends on the day. Some days I enjoy my own company, other days I do miss my siblings being around. It's a serious boon to being the youngest. I watched them all gradually depart the home. It does help that I made a close longtime friend on here, so having someone to text during 'those days' has nullified the feeling quite substantially.

    Our own conversation here with you has gone 35 pages and 517 messages. (I checked hitting the little arrow). It's quite amazing really. Here's to...36 pages? aha I dunno, however long it goes. It has been a joy knowing you.
    this is random but I remembered us talking years ago!
    crazy to think it's been 6 years. hope you're well
    I had the same result. Before I began taking lexapro, I was having several panic attacks per day. It's been reduced to one every six months or so. I was hesitant about getting help, although it became the best thing that happened to me. I've been on lexapro a total of 4 years now.

    It was painful because I did the most I could to prevent it. When I saw the argument break out, I quietly reported the troubling posts and didn't involve myself. It stings to lose something that grew for over a year, and to be so completely powerless about it. It was the first time I had ever created a game that stuck around. Haven't made a new one because I'm not certain if I want to try a different idea or do a restart.

    I haven't talked much about myself personally, but I am the youngest in my family by a significant margin. My older siblings all left. They only visit twice a year, and I greatly enjoy the company. It gets lonely and I often miss being surrounded by those I was closest with. Otherwise I speak with you, and there's another friend on Pokecommunity who I exchanged phone numbers with. We've communicated that way for a long time.

    It helps deal with the feeling. I simply liked having people I could speak with. When my siblings left I mostly became my own company.
    It's the same ordeal with medication. The first one I took did absolutely nothing aside from cause awful side effects. It was called 'busprione' and the brain zaps were awful. Like a forced jolt in the head. I did not stay on that for long. I had to stop whatever I was doing and would lay down until they passed. (lexapro can cause that too if you suddenly cease taking it).

    I haven't decided if I want to remake the thread or try a new one. I lack the creativity to think of a new idea. (I asked a mod for help on creating one and was told they didn't have any suggestions). I'm still very sad admittedly. Feels like I've been punished for something I had no involvement with. It was nice watching my game grow over a year, and I liked how it became a main part of the section. We'll see how the new one goes. Thanks for the support and everything.

    I saw it a couple weeks back. I did enjoy it quite a bit. (particularly liked bowser). I have a birthday in a month too. All of my older siblings are coming to visit.
    I meant to say this last week after posting in the thread, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
    I don't particularly like having to physically go in for refills. I do it by phone when possible. Need to make another appointment next month. Bleh. So is it the first time trying a psychology session? It never worked out for me but I hope better results for you.

    It was one user causing the issue. He's been banned. I was told the lock will be permanent but I can make a new thread. If I may open about something, I have never been interested in joining staff. However I still wanted to leave a 'long term' contribution to the forum. For me, it was simply that thread. To check and see it locked that morning actually hurt. It had just hit it's 1 year anniversary. Yeah I can make a new one, but I guess I've been feeling hesitant because it might not gain the same traction.

    By the way, have you seen the Mario Movie? Also visited the fair yesterday and got my mom a mother's day gift.
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