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  • I usually draw on Paper and then scan it onto the computer to lineart and color it on Photoshop. Yeah WMM on Vista is a lot better then XP. Yup, I used to be AshPikastar on Youtube. I had made a bunch of Pokemon music videos but now I'm Shigerupikastar.
    I've been meaning to get into SAI. I have seen a lot of Anime artist use it but I was told it was a lot harder then PS. You had some bad memories too huh? I use to do pretty good Warrior Cats slideshows on there, not your boring type ones but the ones that go with the beat but WMM would either crash constantly or would just not render the video. I literally had to beg my father to get me Sony Vegas pro 8.0 when it came out around that time of year. Whenever I hear WMM I just laugh at it becuase of how horrible it is. The only best WMM I ever used was Windows Vista. There is one AMV program that I'm not good with at all and is still learning. Adobe Premier is really hard to use in my opinion.
    8.0 hasn't crashed on me for a while. Maybe once in a while every blue moon but because of the experience I had with Windows Movie Maker, I save constantly because I don't want to lose my work. 8.0 might be a bit cheaper right now. I don't know if the price changed or if you can still get it. I think because of Vegas I was able to learn how to use PS a bit more since they have some features that are similar but has a different name and a little bit different then usual. I use PS whenever I'm doing my art. I had to use a lot of tutorials to get use to it though. Hmmm the computer might be another but then again I have 280 MB recovery left on my computer and Sony Vegas hasn't crashed on me at all yet. The only time it'll mess up at times is the rendering but I use a lot of tracks(layers) anywise XD.
    Yeah that's why I stuck with 8. 9 had crashed on me so many times which is why I didn't go with 9. If you are use to Photoshop, Masking is a bit like the lineart tool where you have to click around the object instead of the background and have to do it every second(It's so hard to explain it XD). Usually for me I would try to find really good clips to place them with the lyrics. 'Trimmer' is really helpful with that. I had worked with Sony Vegas for years. I use to have just the basics before I went to pro.
    I have used 9 before. I'm mainly using 8.0 which is basically the same thing as 9 but 9 has a few more features on it. It took me a while to get use to but I was able to learn the basics pretty easily. I think the hardest part about Sony Vegas is the masking part. It took me ages to get good but sometimes Vegas just want to lag on me.
    Random VM but I just noticed your post about Sony Vegas. I can probably help you out with it. I'm a expert with it but I guess it depends on which version you are using.
    hello fellow Serperior fan! May I suggest you join this club? It's a club for Snivy and its evolutionary relatives. We would be quite glad if you joined. And when you SU, could you please make a referral to me? Thank you so much! Expecting to see you there!
    I can say the same for me... sorta. I've played only one of the games.
    Sorry about this, but I was attracted to your profile by your Touhou name. ^^;
    You too? n___n I sometimes don't evolve stuff just cause of how it looks haha. Especially shinies that have a dramatic change. Like, if I had a shiny Dragonair, I am not about to let it evolve into a Dragonite. Maybe clone it and keep one a Dragonair and evolve the other, but still. Shiny Dragonite is poop green. :(
    It is! One of my favorite Water Pokemon. :) I have a hard time evolving it when the time comes though, haha.
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