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    So cute with goggles xD
    Hey man! It's HTS123, but revamped after a change of heart, and a change of style! (I'm rockin' Space Dandy!) I know it's been a while since you've been online, but if you ever come back swing by my profile! Let me know what's up :)
    ah yea man, relationships can be tough. the last irl i dated we went out for 11 months, ad one day we just split. it was a tough time, but not as bad as i thought and things were better after a while. things still happen but they're not nearly as bad. no matter what happens just keep trying, im sure things will work out.

    haha ill try man. 3 ap classes r killing me. xD
    whoa? what's going on, is it school? I get anxiety some times, it just seems too much sometimes ya know?

    im doing alright tonight. just relaxing and watching tv. just dreading this next week of school and finals. :/
    Hello, I am here regarding your rp: Regions Of Orre, I would like to know if i sign up or i just post to the forum. Thank you for your time :)
    I don't really like trading my shinies away. I don't use them, but I like keeping them Lol. Never know, they might get a Mega in the next game and I end up starting to use them a bit more.

    Yeah, I want to start the RP. Think it will be better now that I am going to be at the start of it if it gets accepted. I actually have a good amount of story at the moment for my two characters in my head Lol. Not to mention I might go back in time and make a story about them before Orre.

    However if I may suggest, you may want to change the name. Maybe Pokemon: Shadows of Orre or Pokemon: War of Shadows.
    It may attract more people and it might get them to accept it quicker.
    Only Druddigon and Corsola at the moment. Been trying to get a Shiny Fletchling or Shiny Noibat, but not having much luck. Still have not found a shiny in a Friend Safarai though.

    And yeah, is is taking a while for them to accept it.
    I've got a shiny Nuzleaf and Lapras on my X-version! So happy, working on Purrloin, now.

    I've restarted my X-Version to start with my Friend Safari PKMN! It's awesome!
    Changed my mind. VM me if you still want to, but I'm going to have Logan do something else for now.
    Hey, our interaction's not over. Logan challenged Inari to a battle, but you can decline if you want to. (I'm hoping you accept though.)
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