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  • I see. I haven't been posting that much at The Treehouse as well since I'm not sure on what to post haha.
    Not really. I work on the weekends. Fortunately, most of my free time is on weekdays. I guess that's okay, but someone really screwed the pooch while I was away and they need me to baby them. Like, lost more money than I've ever had in a single account big time.
    Well congrats! Here's a tip, before moving check every nook and cranny and stay for at least one day in your new home without furniture to see what little nasty bugs will be staying with you. Bait traps work well for only about 'tree fiddy' and I'm sure you'll want to avoid the eck moments at all costs. Get some ant poison and spray it around the perimeter of your house (even apartment buildings have ant problems that they don't take care of) to prevent ant attacks. Don't buy used washers. I'm having a sandwich and need another cup. Ask me about the joys of what you should do when something breaks, busts or gets damaged. I can help in legal fields as well as mechanical fields. Flooded? Turn off the water, but I'm sure you knew that- - sandwich!
    I'll be moving soon as well and I don't look forward to packing everything into boxes. Moving is quite a pain, no? Since I don't have to worry too much for a couple months I guess I can relax a bit.
    Dropping in just to say hello! Wondering if you needed help with anything Pokémon-wise. How have you been? What have you been up to? I've just been cruising and posting.
    Hey! I didn't have a chance to thank you for the other day! Hopefully Pachirisu was a good Pokémon to send you in return! :) sorry I didn't trade with game chat. I usually do, but I was in the middle of hanging out with my wife and daughter. If you are ever looking for any Pokémon or need help evolving, please feel free to send me a message or email me at [email protected] ! Thanks again, Bunny!
    That's awesome! Thank you so much! Now I need to find a shiny Bulbasaur! lol! Or try and hatch one!

    Thank you again BTW! Means a lot, you helping me out and all!
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