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  • I understand. It's the same reason why I don't start too many conversations 'cause I enjoy a little alone time.
    I guess what they say is true. The ones who smile the most are hurting inside. You're strong though! You're probably like "gtfo here with yo sympathy!" lmao but hey you're a pal. For giving me advice in the past, I'm still around if you need anything.
    Sorry, I passed out at midnight! But, sure, a 6 IV Bulbasaur would be great as well! I really wanted to evolve my Kadabra and Haunter because they are two of the main members of my team of 6 and I've already got both of them to level 50. Thank you so much for your help!

    I was actually wonder trading last night and someone sent me a shiny Dragonite! My first shiny ever and I've been playing since Red and Blue landed on the shelves haha! If you have any special requests, most likely I have it. And if I don't, I can check the GTS and get what your looking for! :)
    Hey Rabbit! Funny, I just got my daughter to bed lol!! I'm hoping on Y right now. Already beat X and I have a ton of Pokémon in my bank. If you're looking for someone in specific, let me know and I'll help you out! :) I don't have the new Ruby or Sapphire yet either. I'm totes getting both asap tho. Haha! I'm gonna get ur FC and register u now and stay online if u wanna trade tonight.
    Nice to meet you too Rabbit! I'm doing alright. Dealing with the everyday stresses of life. Hey, here's my friend code! 0705-2521-8101

    I really need some help evolving my Kadabra and Haunter. Any chance you'd be able to give me a hand with that? I have lots of Pokémon I could return to you after they've evolved!
    Oh I do that sometimes in my house. The thermostat will say it's 70 degrees but it reality it feels like 62 degrees. So I always max it at 74 just to feel a difference. Maybe that's why my sinuses are clogged lol. I'd rather be warm than freezing though so steamy showers it is. :p
    Wait if everyone complains about it being 70 degrees then why is the heater being used?
    Still recovering from my sickness. x.x
    My sore throat is gone and my cough is quieting down. I guess all that's left is this stuffed nose. How about you?
    Thanks for accepting! I'm trying to be a bit more, uhh, aggressive when it comes to making friends on forums, and I love your signature and you have a lot of interesting hobbies so I thought I'd just go for it ;v; Hi!
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