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  • It's OK; apparently, I managed to find out elsewhere anyway, thanks to an article on Bulbanews. XD (And this was along my initial suspicions, as your signature's GIF looked very "offical Pokemon commercial"-ish...) The scene in question is from Nintendo's official English TV commercial for Pokemon X and Y; you can see it here:


    Thank goodness that I didn't have to do too much research to find it; this is why I like it when people link to the sources of GIFs and such. XD

    GWAHHHH....please, I'd love to know where your current "Charizard vs. Yveltal" GIF signature is derived from, especially if it's from an official/unofficial YouTube Pokemon video... Definitely within the 'Top 5 Pokemon GIFs' I have encountered this year so far; it reeks of too much awesomesauce. :3 Just...WOW. Thank you very much for clarifying in advance! :D
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