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  • OMG dude!!!! I was reading through some old posts in the Shiny Hunters Club, and I came across one from a user who actually had an intact avatar...and was online NOVEMBER 18th, 2019!!!!!!! OMG "lol" I totally didn't expect to see that, haha. Do you still look for shinies at all? We'd absolutely love to have you posting again, especially with all the new shinies to go after in the new games! :happy2:

    You're still technically a member of the club, and you have been since you officially got inducted back in 2006, "lol!" :laugh-squinted:
    The point of Switcheroo (the move I meant; it does the same thing as Trick,except Delphox gets Switcheroo and not Trick) is to give a crippling item to a wall that comes in.
    I don't recommend Beautifly at all. It pales in comparison to Volcarona, as I already mentioned in your latest team thread.
    For some. A Pokemon has to have good coverage all-round to use Choice items effectively, but there are some Pokemon that rely on switching moves to be effective.
    Some Pokemon aren't suited to be Choice attackers, as they either have crippling Stealth Rock weaknesses or can't afford to switch in and out too much.
    Honestly, I don't get why you're using Choice items on Pokemon that have status moves besides Trick. Choice items (Specs, Band, Scarf) force the user to use only one move as long as they're in battle until it switches out. In that case, let's use Quiver Dance as an example. If a Choice Specs user uses Quiver Dance, it will be forced to use Quiver Dance over and over until it leaves the battle. When a Pokemon leaves battle, all stat changes will disappear. This is why it's a bad idea to use setup moves with Choice items.
    Hey Jubi, I'm terribly sorry but I've had electricty issues (still do) and I am not able to ensure trades atm :/ I've given your Eggs to Phanton, let him know when you're available if you haven't traded with him yet. Sorry once again.
    Hello! Cakesu asked me to tell you that her computer is down at the moment, and she doesn't know when she will have it back up, she left me 3 eggs she told me to trade with you, send me a VM with your FC and username so we can trade :)

    Have a nice day!
    Holy cow... I could have sworn I had bred it D: I'm too silly. And nah it wasn't, it's just a mystery egg that never got picked so... yeah
    Oh... well it's okay, so long as I didn't forget anything, did I? Let me know
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