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    Happy birthday, shinysweety!! :D
    Hey brah, trying to get the War RP off the ground again, and we could definitally use every rper back

    You in, trooper?
    ok :P could of told me sooner, I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for a post. I'll just use your charry a bit, and say goodbye to her and stuff. :)
    Nice! COntunue having fun xD

    It was the computer, specifically the hard drive died. Now I'm stuck using my older, crappier, smaller backup computer for the time being. At least it beats having to use Windows 8 - my brother has a new computer with that and it is a PAIN to try to use...

    And finally got the groceries that I need... and I got a letter in the mail that I'm officially accepted to that new apartment complex! Gonna be moving this summer, maybe as early as June!
    Oh, all right. Have fun while you're there!

    Meanwhile, I'm having computer truobles and issues with the local grocery store being sold out of stuff I need... so not so good on my end:/
    Okay, good :P At least you'll have somnething to do during that long wait. Just make sure there's also a place you can eat too nearby.

    No, the only flight I've taken recently has been a short one within the same time zone, so I don't think that's the reason. I've had the problem since before my trip anyway, and I've had trouble sleeping on and off for years.

    Sure thing, and you can let me know if you actually get something worthwhile sometime by completing it lol

    Yep, it feels good not to have to go somewhere everyday to go online... now I can stay at home and do it and take those afternoon naps :P
    Alright :) Bring something to read, watch or play while you're there, that helps too. Just don't miss the flight lol

    Tried that, but I really can't fall asleep at night... usually in the afternoon is when I actually get the most sleep and that ain't right...

    Good luck with that, let me know how it goes. I myself don't have the patience for that. Plus there's my issue with being tired all the time anyway lol. But actually, I don't know what you get besides the little in-game certificate if you do complete it... at least that was the only reward I got in Platinum.

    Yep I'm back online! And apparently I'm getting a refund back in the form of extra phone minutes... go figure lol
    Well, it depends on what airport you go to. Usually the airport has their own website where they list everything they have, including a map of the place and what restaurants/shops are there.

    Maybe, lol. I really don't know why I'm tired all the time...

    Eh, it just seems like too much work to be worth it... and I really don't find it fun to catch ones I don't care about just to get them entered in the Pokedex.

    Well, I have my new internet installed! Seems to work pretty well, now only issue is to get my money back from those other guys...
    *shrug* Thing is, Solo was a forest wolf his entire life, so "having things in common" really means nothing to him. At the moment he refuses to trust anyone (except maybe Eva, but even that is difficult for him), the only thing Kailey has going for her is that she has Lycan blood, but currently Solo thinks she's 'tame'.

    Maybe if she did something impressive in a battle and he took notice he might start to think less in that mindset. Or perhaps if he continues to call her "domesticated" and "tamed" and finally sets her over the edge or something. I imagine if she could show ferocity in anger, Solo might also change his mind even if it's directed at him.

    Do you see what I'm getting at though? Kailey's going to have to prove herself as a Lycan for Solo to even care.
    Hmmm... I'm not sure really. Right now he sees her as domesticated and tamed, maybe there's some way she can prove him wrong? Or maybe something else. That's actually pretty tough to think of
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