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  • In the Reality, I just wanted to become friends with someone that has more pokemon knowledge than me, Also for right now, I haven't finished the game yet, just wanted to build my team first. Can I get a Level 1 Gible , if possible a lucky egg too
    Hi i tumbled across your post about completing the Sun and Moon Pokedex and i was wondering if we could trade pokemon

    Friend Code: 0577-0128-1510
    Name: Wix99King
    I'm private messaging you because I don't want to bump the thread. I'm trying to follow your tutorial about adding new types to Fire Red. I finished Part 2 but when I use an attack with the type I added, it does normal damage, not super effective like it's supposed too. I think my problem is when I repointed the chart I use the repoint number you put in the tutorial "70 24 80 08" because I assumed it would work (which obviously it didn't.) So how do I know where I repoint the table? Sorry if its a stupid question.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Hey there mighty Arceus who is actually 3 girls and their 3 boyfriends :P
    Saw your post on B/W2 Repel system by Darthatron. i think its noob friendly. i learned from it thanks :)
    Hey, bud. You're tutorial about adding new types to Fire Red is marvelous! But, I have a request, can you make a type chart:
    Oh thank you very much, Youre a great help to me, Im planning to release my hackrom ASAP and Im pretty sure that your are highlighted in the credits... Thank you very much

    ... last one

    since I need to repoint the 20 0C 20 00 ..... and so-on

    what is the offset in where I can repoint the datas

    I inserted it in 802820 and the pointer will be 20 28 80 08 righ, where will I put that now?
    about the computation you said differently in ur tutorial and your reply to me, so now is ((row-1)x20+((column-1)x4)
    so the answer for that now
    88 or 58 in HEX is the Fairy Icon now, I'm very confused
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