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  • I was not! I'll have to grab a patch and download it :D Thank you for letting me know!
    I did actually lol. I think I was in late elementary back then and was enamored with Shining Opal ^^
    Hello I saw your post on how to get pokemon harvest craft to work and was wondering if you would mind helping me? I downloaded a hex editor and tried to find the address 0xA but didn't find one that had 4 numbers only 3. Really new to hex editing so any help would be great! :)
    I'm not very active either! But I definitely appreciate all the work you put into your projects so wanted to just express gratitude really! Thanks for your reply and wishing you all the best in whatever you're doing nowadays!
    Would you ever consider handing over Opal's development into the hands of hacksrepriman? He's a user who has been fixing/completing old hacks that have been discontinued.
    Hey Sierra, may I use your CrystalDust disassembly source? I planned to recreate FireRed on Emerald's engine and your hack would be a great base.
    Hey I was a fan of your hack back in the day so just thought I would reach out as saw you were recently active! :)
    I accidentally said Diego in a PM, and I didn't know (until reading the article on DoMoreAwesome) that you prefer to be not called that. I am so sorry. I DID NOT know that. Sorry Sierra.
    hi, i recently came across a old rom hack shining opal. i played vbeta 2 on my iphone and so far i loved it. most unique one i played since crystal clear. is shining opal still being updated or completed or any alternative similar to shining opal. the website on gbahacks where i got the rom says beta 2.
    Question about the ruins puzzle ASM:
    Whenever I try to compile it, I get a syntax error about the rom code
    Am I supposed to put it in all caps?
    Is the version of DKA i'm using (r45, what I use for any asm insertation) too old or too new?

    Edit: Here's a picture:

    Hey! I felt this would be a little too minor to post in the project thread, especially since it's not really feedback or anything, but what resources did you use to make the "CRYSTALDUST VERSION" text on the title screen? It looks incredibly professional and fits right in with the official logo splash text for RSE/FRLG/DPPt! I've been plotting out a hack project of my own, and I'd love to give it an equally-high-quality set of logo text, but I've had a hard time finding good resources for making something like that.
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