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    Hey, Diego!
    I have some doubts to clarify if you don't mind...
    1) is it possible to make a working asm routine which can allow us to transfer 6 Pokemon and carry them with us??
    Like one from Pokemon NKP...
    But that is very buggy...
    If yes can you please post the routine?
    2)i am having some problem in changing hp bars..
    I inserted them and also palette edit it but it has some kind of second layer of graphics... Which is overlapping it... Like the Pokemon name, level, gender, exp points...
    How can i edit fly hm Pokemon graphics???
    I have edited ones for surf but can't find for fly.
    Please help...
    Hey Diego, could you help me inserting the ruins of alph puzzle in my hack? I tried really hard and doesn't seems to work, when I go trough the offest pointed it's still with free space, and I'm not sure also how to do a callasm routine... Hope u help me!!
    I didn't want to bother you hahaha, my message was more focused on all of the people who talks from what they've heard/read from others instead of having their own opinion. I know the problems A-Map have and there is no point on trying to hide them :p

    Anyways, thank you for this new tool again xD.

    P.D. Posted this here in order not to make topic-chat on AME thread xD
    I looked back at my conversation with you and boi, I just realized what a jerk I was... I just wanted to apologize for my behavior in the past...
    Hi Diego. This may seem a bit cheeky, but would you be willing to share the source for your Day/Night system? (providing you have it of course)

    I'd like to try and port it to fire red as the two other systems readily available don't quite do what I need.

    Appreciate any help you can give.
    Thanks for the triple-layer tile tutorial. I couldn't get the ASM scripts and compilers to work, but your upload is working just fine. I seriously appreciate it, one of the more subtle tricks out there but it adds so much to a hack.
    Well, I'm trying to apply that hack to an Emerald ITA ROM (BPEI) but after the intro Copyrights I get only a black screen.

    I'm following this tutorial but the Save Block Hack is only provided in hex format.
    I'm almost certain that there are some hidden pointers in that code, that I need to change for my ROM, but without the original ASM I can do nothing.

    Since the hack provided in that tutorial is your version, I wondered if you could help me to make the necessary changes (or simply guiding me in the right direction)...

    Thanks in advance! :)
    Hi Diego, I'd like to know if you could help me with a problem I have, regarding JPAN's Save Block Hack for Emerald.
    hi there diego,how are you?!listen,i have a problem and i'd like to light me up with your expertise....!plz answer me...!
    Program could not start correct
    (0x00000c7b )..close the program......
    ....that's the error I get whenever I try to open net framework based apps like hopeless trainer editor,GBA intro editor,PGE,advance item editor etc...
    can u tell me how to manually skip rival naming in intro in fire red.I know gba intro manager can do it but that tool dont work on my pc...
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