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  • You'll have to wait for a bit before you witness the amazingness that is baldnomi. I'm sorry for the delay but the results will be most assuredly great. :)

    Regarding my blog entry - well, I couldn't take it anymore. After trying to completely cut contact with her and failing to do so (haha, so miserable), I was kinda backed into a corner. And then I picked up my phone and decided to confront her. Talk to her and clear things up. I thought she disliked me or hated me. And I directly asked her about it. And about things that made things awkward between us. And if she still considered me and her friends.

    Surprisingly, she said she doesn't feel a shred of dislike/hate for me. And she doesn't remember the "event" that caused awkwardness between us. And that she does, in fact, consider us friends.

    Now, I know that chances of anything happening between us are all but dead, but knowing that the person you like doesn't hate you is, well, comforting. It had a really positive impact on me, I felt, this conversation. I cheered up. Maybe this is what I always needed.

    But OF FREAKIN' COURSE MY PHONE HAD TO **** THINGS UP AND GET WIPED JUST THE NEXT MORNING UGH. And I, for some godforsaken reason, chose not to reset our whatsapp conversation. That conversation is now lost.

    i crie everytym ;;
    It is exactly that - the fact that by the time I end up with free time on my hands, you might not be here anymore. That's what makes me sad, siggu. :( Because I know you've got priorities. I understand very well since I happen to be dealing with stuff right now and you usually do XD; But...but. You know, right? I want fun times like yesterday's to keep happening once in a while. ;___;

    Oh, Christina - you're such a tsundere. ;p You'll definitely approve of it. Trust me. And treasure it.
    or curse me for the rest of your life haha

    Thanks for the well-wishes, btw. :) Wish you the best of luck for your endeavors too, you beautiful lady you. :p
    oh and that photoshop of you with a bald head? that'll have to wait for a bit. I'm sorry to disappoint you (you DEFINITELY were looking forward to it, I know n_n;) but I'll make sure that the result ends up being something you'll proudly approve of. ;D
    guess which track I'm listening to right now? *no prizes for guessing*

    It was more fun for me than you'd think were possible. Those moments when you made me blush to the point I almost boiled up weren't exactly moments I encounter on a daily basis so that was fun too :p ANYWAY, I got stuff to do today - I have my term-end exams from 17th of this month and I can't afford to screw them up. So I'll be concentrating on them instead of hanging around here too much. Which immediately translates to me not being able to talk to you and others like yesterday. And that's heartbreaking. :(

    I'm not happy about the fact that our multiple-hour long conversation and TCTI session yesterday was something of a "once-in-a-blue-moon" rarity instead of a regular occurrence. :( But oh well. I just hope now that you'll be present here in the month of december. I'll be free the entire month and will mostly hang around over here a lot I think. So do hang out if you're free then!
    oh god you can't imagine i just read (more like imagined) you saying that in the most adorable voice ever

    SO CUTE holy crap

    anyway good night

    you sleep.

    or we'll continue this for god knows how long.

    And that soundtrack, again, made it so much better. XD; So our opinion on him is pretty much the same, I see. Anyway, night. Have a good night's rest, siggu. :D
    True, true. And boy did she do her best to respect his wishes after that. :p

    Haha, goes both ways. :) And lol, that's true. We've been talking for hours now. Sweet dreams, princess warrior. May you slay that dragon in your dreams. Or befriend him, I don't know. :p
    What's your stance on Nathan, though? That text at the end and the other information we come across during the course of the game made me feel a little bad for the guy. Like, he did do wrong things. He did **** up. But he's had some crappy things happen to him, too. :( Doesn't excuse what he's done but yeah. That message did make me feel bad for him.
    She really did love him. A lot. But sometimes that came off feeling a bit forced. Her love for him was practically obsession as I see it, tbh. :p But that's a part of her charm as a character too, I'd say.

    Ahaha, we've been listening to the same track for so long. Really drives home the fact that the soundtrack really is something special. Like, no matter how much I reiterate, it really doesn't seem like it is enough to just say "its good stuff, mate". :p
    Okay, I finally changed the song. To "The sense of me". The one that plays when Nathan's message plays while you drive in the storm. <3
    Seriously, man. XD; I think most of us loved Shion. She was pretty damn charming. And I think using "sensuality" as a word to refer to one of her character-defining features is very apt because she definitely had something going for her that mion lacked. I felt it as a male watcher. XD; I found her pretty sexy, yeah. :p

    Anything you make will be special to this baldy here, siggu-sama. :3
    oh and i do notice the blue resemblance too. Not with this current version of her but I remember her more early incarnations having a striking resemblance to blue. Interesting stuff. :3
    Wo-ah, woah, woah. Hold on. Shion from Higurashi?! I just finished watching the series a few days ago and...hah, she really does resemble her! XD; It isn't the bangs to me, though. Its the, well, her assets. And her tight top. Pretty characteristic of shion (or even mion tbh), nay? :p

    YES I'D LOVE THAT. I'll let you know once I do manage to think of something. That'd be so perfect. <3;
    You do resemble her, yes. Maybe, while you were still in the design phase of the character, you subconsciously imparted her with features that resemble your own - she is your identity, technically, so it isn't exactly unnatural in any way. :p

    I'd love to see one of those again. They were so fun to look at. <3; And sure, once you manage to get some things off your plate and manage to conjure up some sweet 'ol leisure time, just draw me something nice. I'll treasure it my entire life, I swear. <3;
    lol, true that. And the fact that you very conveniently possess a virtual avatar that I've seen god knows how many times in different poses wearing different expressions and whatnot that...well, it definitely does help, to say the least! XD;

    Oh, most definitely. The only thing that'd make me happier is if I could somehow secure one of your famous doodles somehow. Those goofy things you were so fond of using in those old MSN conversations, y'know? Something like that. :p
    That's kinda cute in its own way, to be completely honest. XD; I can picture an anime version of your avatar doing that.

    Too cute, too cute. <3;

    Well, if it keeps making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I don't mind the details. XD;
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