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Sirius Black
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  • It's a good day today! Thanks for asking. How's it feel to be out of Azkaban a free man?

    I think you did a very good job with your avvie and flair. I had no experience with css before, banners or flairs or anything like that before joining PokéCommunity's forum. Being a Milotic means I don't mix very well with technology with my water typing. Things have a way of short-circuiting. I'm slowly learning though!

    I think the color for the center of your flair looks like it belongs with the rest of it. I wouldn't have actually noticed the difference if I hadn't taken a closer examination after you pointed it out. It looks good, it's a close match. You have every right to take pride in something nice that you made all by yourself.

    This is overdue, but I just want to say welcome to the team Sirius Black. I'm very glad you applied, and if there is anything I can do to help you in your new modship, then you give me a ring, okay? I think you'll do great in previous generations!

    I'm doing well! Been getting into the swing of my first year of college so things have been a little crazy recently. How are you?

    Sirius is one of my favorites too! Gary Oldman is such an amazing actor.
    Hello! Sorry I didn't see this until now I've been off the forums for a couple days. How's it going?
    I don't think I ever did, I actually went back to watch GT and found it quite enjoyable. Lately I've been working a lot so been just watching seasonal anime, how's things been for you?
    Another poke but you're one of the few left to move. With Sneasel OHKO'd, I'd recommend moving to L2 and using Fury Cutter on Gothita(a new enemy).
    Friendly poke but developments in FTE require your attention. Recommend move to J2 and Fury Cutter on Sneasel-D(yeah another one...).
    thanks, Fairy made it for me =)

    I particularly like how the postcount/online status kind of info is in the Awakening text boxes
    I've not had a chance to catch up yet, currently using hotspot for internet so I don't have the data to watch it. I'll have to camp at a Panera Bread for a day or something lol
    I actually haven't been watching it since Goku went Ultra Instinct, trying to let the episodes rack up for a bit before watching again :p
    Was glad to see Zamasu finally get taken care of, but I called it wayyyy ahead of time after Goku got the button that the King of All would be the one to end it. Found the filler right after extremely annoying, especially the Dr. Slump one, really excited about the new Tournament, though.
    Haha that's fair. And I think that's common amongst all artists honestly! But sometimes you've just gotta take the plunge. :)
    Yeah, expanding outside of a forum has been a big goal of ours on the social media team! :D I love it all.

    Have you ever shared any of your songs, btw? You should do so in Art & Design :)
    I hope you like the videos, we all put a lot of work into 'em! I'm doing great today, and thanks for the congrats too :D
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