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Sirius Black
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    You should consider a career as a rapper! :D How's it going
    From what I can see it looks perfectly acceptable since the original region is preserved.
    Oh, best of luck. That driving test can be a pain, I'm surprised I was able to pass it on my first try since I'm not even that good of a driver. It took a lot of practicing though, our state requires us to drive 60 hours before we can do the test even though I only drove like 20. Dx

    I'm technically supposed to wear glasses when I drive too but I think they mess me up. :p
    There are some how-to's posted around, use the search to find them.. also there are many members willing to help you with creating an awesome profile, just gotta ask around.
    Eh, Well after having a kid I cut down on a lot of responsibilities and things I did online/gaming wise due to lack of free time. I in fact sold off all my game systems and games as well as retiring as a admin from two sites I was helping run and stepped away from any online gameplay..ect

    For the most part the past few months I have been just limiting myself to a couple single player games on my computer that didn't consume a lot of time. I'm starting to get more free time again though. I plan on within the next couple weeks getting a New Nintendo 3Ds Xl, Pokemon Alpha & Omega and returning fully to PokeCommunity and trying to jump back into some things Pokemon wise. I also want to catch up on a couple computer games that I missed such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield Hardline, GTA V,
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Hmm I forgot the name but there was this great Tifa x Zack fanfic. It's like if Cloud died in Zack's place...
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