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  • Are you confirmed a leader or an elite though? Kinda don't wanna battle someone and then suddenly it's like oh they were an elite and I'm not supposed to fight them yet
    Either of those would probably be fine, though Gengar really hated losing Levitate.

    But you may just have to do some testing on Showdown to see what really works, or if what I've been saying is actually of use.
    You see Arcanine sometimes, though I wouldn't exactly call it popular or a Lele answer
    With this one you could roll with some faster stuff if you'd like, since you're running Tapu Lele/Psychic Terrain.

    In Singles, Mega Metagross tends to not run Sub since it'll just end up getting worn down, and it needs coverage moves since it doesn't have a partner to cover stuff. Typically uses Earthquake/Hammer Arm and Ice Punch/Thunder Punch for coverage, or on rare occasions Grass Knot (I think for Rotom-Wash and Gastrodon and many something else). Some sets also use Agility to turn it into a threatening cleaner, which pairs well with Lele.

    On Buzzwole you could fit in some other coverage move over Protect like Earthquake, Stone Edge/rock attack, Thunder Punch, or Poison Jab. It also runs a SubPunch set that works alright too. Something like Substitute+Focus Punch+Leech Life+coverage, with Leftovers and I think 252 HP / 252 Atk, but not 100% sure about the EV spread.

    Lele can go without Dazzling Gleam (though I take it you knew that) and can fit in Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, or if you were lucky enough to get one with the right IVs, HP Fire.

    One of the big things you may have to worry about with the team is opposing Tapu Lele. Specs sets blow up half you team, while the other half struggles with Scarf sets. Mega Meta's also your only real answer to it, but can only switch in on it so many times (especially Specs Lele) and it limits your ability to be unpredictable when dealing with it.

    I was gonna say that Defog might be worth considering on Zapdos but then remembered you'd have to have gotten one on a Gen 4 game to do that lol
    Pheromosa's pretty good in singles yeah. Incredibly frail, but it works well as a cleaner.
    Not really sure what you should put in your flex slot. Maybe something that's fast from the get go or something, idk
    Tapu Fini is actually pretty viable in singles and is like top 10 in usage in Smogon OU iirc. It just runs a more defensive/support set that what it apparently does in doubles. Couldn't tell you what EVs it typically runs (but it's obviously some sort of bulky spread) but the moveset is usually Scald+Taunt+Defog+Moonblast/Nature's Madness with Leftovers as the item.

    Most of the rest you'd need to do with your team is like swapping the doubles focused moves for other moves: Earthquake or Roost on Zard X in place Protect, Swords Dance or Sacred Sword for Kartana (probably with like a Lum Berry instead of Sash, depending on how much entry hazards you expect from the others in the league). Lando can run a few different spreads; people often use a bulky spread for SR Lando but you could make an offensive rocks set work too. Knock Off, U-Turn, Rock Polish, and Swords Dance work nicely on it too (Superpower is unneeded if you roll with Swords Dance). Only Z crystals I've ever seen used on it are the Flying and Rock ones. But either way you need to fit Stealth Rock onto it as it's your only poke that can. Tailwind can be swapped out on Zapdos for something else like Heat Wave or Roost, as the move's kinda not good in singles.

    Alolan Muk I'm not terribly familiar with though.

    Pretty sure that with the changes you should (I think) be able to handle most of the major singles threats and have decent synergy between the team members.
    Nah not really. Only Uber I have in game right now is Lunala, and I have yet to jump into Ubers on Showdown. I'll probably get around to it sometime tho. Kind of interested to see if a Solgaleo+Zygarde 100% True Power pair is any good in the meta, or at least against the common-in-ORAS GeoXern+Primal Groudon pair.
    Awh man, they've got bans that've gone out for pirated early copies, they've had online disabled on carts that have used save data manipulation, they've got glitches popping up in games where people used exploits on mons,
    It just scary
    That has yet to start up again. Just waitin' on wolf and aurora to do so I guess....
    It's the same old same old with me. Good to hear that things are going well with your band.
    I am definitely squeamish about anything illegitimate, this gen more than ever. Have you seen hackmon, save manipulation, and pirate justice being served out by pokemon co, game freak, or nintendo this generation? Nooooo thank you. But really, thank you. But also really no.
    I'd honestly rather not. It'd be a long-term commitment that I don't know if it will really work out a second time. Wolf also plans to use the release of Sun/Moon as the prime time to start the next season of PCL, so it'd have to compete with that too.
    It was archived away. Something about lack of activity or something.
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