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  • Happy birthday, Skystrike!! I hope you had a great time. :D Do you think you'll be returning to FTE some day?
    Decision was made so hopefully you're doing fine and are able to participate. Have to pick a starting spot and based on starting group of enemies, you should have a much easier time compared to what Team A has to face.
    Going up the Mountain or staying put to guard the rear? Do note that Option A(going up Mountain) involves facing Rock and Flying opponents(which isn't exactly ideal for Bug/Flying) so I advocated that you stay in the rear where the opponents are unknown.
    Oh no ): I can't imagine what you went through. But I'm glad you're feeling that way. The decision you took sounded very difficult, and you're that much more braver for taking it.

    Glad nothing happened to you. How are you adjusting? Well I hope?
    Heya! Long time no speak. Hoping everything is going well and dandy? (:
    Round 5 of FTE now live and you have to wait on Mercy to KO Drowzee before you can leap ahead and Attack Duskull-A with Pursuit. Feel free to chip in on your assessment of the current situation.
    Glad you're having fun here in the forums doing something you find appealing! I'm like that with projects as well, working on them when the inspiration arises. But regardless, I was here for about 7/8 years as well! (Had a different account before) Funny how we haven't met until just recently.

    It's not much, but I can give you my support. Oh I hope everything gets better for you. I really do.

    There's a good amount of competition in dragon's RP, and the majority are very good, so it's exciting like you say! ^-^ I enjoy your character, and I would rather see you get accepted over moi. And I'm going to join Airborne due as well due to the journey aspect of it. I'm a sucker for those, especially when I have a character I want to try out myself. It's the summer and I can give myself a bit more RPs to juggle as a result. Not to mention how it's Hoenn. <3

    I apologize for how late I responded. I'm usually quicker.
    Oh is that so? :3 Mind me asking what had you start up on that hobby?

    Unfortunately? I wish I had that time haha. But if you have that time due to bad circumstances, I'm sorry beforehand ): and indeed, PMD had just begun and there has yet to be a small group chosen for dragon's RP. Excited to see who gets chosen and the story, even if I don't get chosen.
    I admit I'm a lurker as well haha, but I attempt to contribute if I can. Although I have less time now, so I dedicate it to socializing with friends and rping if I can.

    Fan games you say? I have yet to give them a shot. But I grow impressed by the dedication the creators put on to their work, as well as the patience. I wouldn't be able to, nor have I tried. Do you create or simply post there?
    I hope it gets better then ): I've been goodish! Like you I could also be doing better. But can't let that stop me :3

    I normally only stick to Off-topic, RP, and maybe the game sections. But I only see you in the RP. Is that where you're normally at too or do you roam in other sections?
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