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  • Someday.... he will return. In an azure of greatness, the Smeargle shall return. It will be trying, it will be daunting, but with your support and lots and lots of money, you can save this frozen Smeargle. For a dollar a day, you can save his life. Please... thaw this poor soul.


    ;-; Come back to us.
    Smeargle, you should do me a favor. PM me the patched ROM of Platinum Red for Fire Red since my tablet patcher is being stupid :3
    Nop, I'm pursuing Biophysics ;-; But I love art, and I really enjoy wasting time with graphical design. But just for fun, because I would never have patience with customers, haha
    My dad overhears me and calls me a Deerling
    I knew he was just jealous of my devotion for Pokemon
    I called him a Jynx
    He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
    Im crying now, and my face hurts
    I'm ready for someone to make a guide on Follow Me, because I am positive, it isn't easy. I'm waiting at this point. XD

    And thank you n_n Illusory 17/5
    Perhaps. Maybe not. To think that it is extremely easy to make Nuzlocke modes for Hacks now. Difficulty toggles and battle modes.
    Thanks! I'm going to tell on you that you used Liquid Crystal as a base. Linkandzelda will be angry with you *tsk tsk
    I had an 8, that crashed. Then I just salvaged a Vista from my family and that broke, it was repaired and now it infuriates me. If Nuzlocke Patches don't come out as a result of this, I will be very upset. :(
    I probably will do that. Vista is really starting to make me want to blow up my entire house.
    Nope. I'll probably work on something else before that, though. I have something really good planned. The only thing stopping me, now is my Vista, which decided to be a pain in the ass by not connecting to wireless routers.

    The universe wants me to suffer and suffer.
    Hah XD. I hear you, everyone kept telling me to "Bring You Back" once I came back on the IRC.

    Pokémmo was something I played once and didn't really get into.
    I really wanted to do that on the reboot but I can't find any tutorial to edit/create multi choice box for pokemon ruby.
    Thanks for the feedback :)
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