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  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, YES! Just wanted to say thanks to some information I know you gave me like a few months ago. I don't remember what it was exactly, but I know I really appreciated it, and I never got the chance to thank you. School came and I had to leave PC. And since your last activity was in June I'm assuming the same goes for you. Anyways, thanks again :)
    Yeah, it is. Haha, thanks ^_^ He ****ing deserved it.
    That's okay. Hey, when you have a chance check out my new picture album here on PC.
    Well, I ran into somebody, and it like snapped, but I think it was just fractured then, and then I told this guy it was broke and he didn't believe me so he grabbed it and twisted it all the way around and freaking snapped it badly. I punched him so hard he got knocked out tho. Afterwards I beat him to bleeding, so yeah. I got three pins put in it.
    Yeah that's Metro Station. I actually like them =O Especially "Shake It" =D No updates, I've been uber busy lately.
    Hey meh buddah! What's up? How ya doing? Just dropping bye to say hi. Oh, have you heard Metro Station before?
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