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  • Something more fantasy/forest-y like would be nice yeah, please let's not end up with starters that are too bulky. Luckily Rowlet's final evolution was neat! I liked his whole line a lot. <3

    and yeah... poor Tepig. It's cute in its first form, but not a fan of the next two at all.
    Yeah I don't see Water/Dragon as the most likely but it's definitely a possibility. What are your thoughts on them?
    I could see a lot of different options tbh. Grookey as Grass/Psychic, Scorbunny as Fire/Ground or Fire/Electric and Sobble as Water, Water/Poison or Water/Dragon.
    I think they look really good. The region is gorgeous, character designs are nice and the starters look good too.
    Agh yeah. I'm the unpopular person that never liked Infernape or Greninja-like mons much, so I do hope it's something more similar to what you're saying, rather than buff/strong/bulky/etc etc haha.

    Yeah, I just hope they learned from having the same type combo three times. :s There really wasn't an excuse for that except lack of creativity. Really, why??? poor tepig and its line probably being the most universally disliked starter haha .....
    That would be neat too! I can see him being grass/rock, though it's not a combo I think much about.

    Greninja's already water/dark, and idk if they'd make another starter with that same (fairly unique too) combo again so soon??
    Good for everyone too =)

    Free pizza sounds great! What are you doing as a research assistant?
    Self for now but there's always the possibility of it getting picked up for the next edition. That's why it's been taking so long in part, have to do the whole process myself.

    Always the way :')

    Sounds good!
    I'm hopeful for grass/psychic on Grookey, since it's music/tempo-based. Fire/electric for my bun pls aaaaa

    not too sure what to think of Sobble yet. Dragon could be nice, but I can't see them adding a dragon typing to a starter!
    Lots of things. RP, a fic here on PC, been editing my picture book which is really close to being printed now, started a novel which I've got four chapters into but I have it on hold atm, a video game and also have written a boardgame. There's a couple of other things too :')

    Please do! I'll finally have someone to talk about it with haha
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