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  • Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is the animu I give to u
    I am not responsible for possible side-effects yet again
    It has a sub and dub
    Hmm, that actually looks interesting! Now, as for a few anime that might not be popular that I know...uh.

    Okay, so if you somehow have enough free time to watch more than 12 episodes or can watch about maybe 20 episodes of something, there's Bomberman Jetters, an anime I remember watching many years back on Youtube. It was only a few episodes until I stopped. You gonna have to find it on sites like Kissanime, since it has never had an official English sub or dub or anything.

    If you want to waste a few dollars for a short OVA, there's the Azure Striker Gunvolt OVA that's only available to buy on the 3DS eShop. I...have a hate/love relationship with this OVA. Just saying.

    And finally, for an 12 episode anime, there's Seven Mortal Sins...also known as Seven Deadly Sins. It's only called Seven Mortal Sins because of the other anime called Seven Deadly Sins (the anime on Netflix). I actually liked Seven Mortal Sins, tbh. And no, it's not because the sinful devils are represented as cute girls (though that might be one of the reasons). It has a sequel/spinoff, but it's only on HIDIVE, which I didn't know was a thing until I looked it up when I noticed that Seven Heavenly Virtues wasn't on VRV.

    Pick your poison! I am not responsible for any possible side-effects.
    First off, it seems I can't access your list due to it being restricted. So, I don't know what to recommend to you right now. As for what you shouldn't recommend to me...well anything that is considered to be horror or is extremely graphic is off limits to me. (to expand on the too graphic for me thing, I'm fine with anime that can be pretty graphic like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or Fate/Zero or shows like Castlevania. I'll only consider it to be too bloody for me if it has excessive amounts of it or it leads to me covering my eyes way too many times.) Also, no anime that are part of the Fate universe, since I have basically been watching a lot of it recently. Oh and it should be around 12 to 13 episodes long. Not only will it let me be able to finish it a bit quicker, I pretty much need a 12 ep anime in my life after having to binge-watch Fate/Zero and a little bit of UBW just before going to watch the first Heaven's Feel movie. XD (BTW, it was pretty good)
    Trust me, I'm the same way, and yeah I'm down with Mayo Chiki. It's a name I see around so often but know so little about. I'll give it a shot, thanks Aet.
    ACK! AAACK! Ugh, sorry I'm so late on this.

    I'm down with anything, really, though as far as motivation goes anything 12 episodes and under I'll digest in a day or two, probably. Likely if it's something you can look back on and say you had a good time with then it'll probably find some value in it, with the right mindset.

    And as for you...let's go short since I've made you wait. You ever heard of a show called Children of the Whales? It's a Nadia/Gargantia-esque show from a few seasons ago that never gained much traction as far as popularity goes, but to me it was fun and had elements that I just haven't seen all that recently in anime, as if there's no demand for it. It's not fantastic or anything so I don't want to set up expectations, but it's fun and short and has a great ending theme, so I hope you'll like it.
    Awesome, I checked your MAL and it was pretty hard to choose something you didn't have watched or in currently watching.

    Sooooooo I'm gonna go with one of my personal favorites, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, or as I know it, Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances (it's also probably easier to find it by this title, too). It's a Gainax show from the early 2000s by Hideaki Anno, had a lot of heart and style considering he's just about the last person you'd expect to adapt a RomCom.

    'Course, if you're not interested, I'd be willing to throw another show your way, but I do think this one could at least hit to second base if it doesn't end up being a home run for you.
    damn i thought you were talking about shawn for a sec//

    whats new with your life tho
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