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  • I'm on my iPad so I have no idea how to link you to my Facebook but if you link me to yours I'll add you :)
    can I just say that your avatar makes it seem that he is doing something nasty
    "Why are there so many attractive people here? Ugh, this is not what I expected when I came here. Y'all need to stop sexually frustrating the sexually deprived."

    Sexually deprived is not the impression I got from the pregnancy thread you naughty boy :O
    Well don't worry about mods looking at things unless it's me or Dakota, we're the only ones with power in CCC :P
    "Have you ever just been sitting on the toilet taking a numero dos when all of the sudden a wild itch appears in your premium angus?"

    omfg where have you been all this time you're my favourite!
    All I have in my entire house is a tacky canvas wall painting, three metres of string and a fresh pack of batteries. What can you do with that?
    Can I buy you a cup of coffee some time? Then if we happen to go back to my place after then well what happens happens
    If you want a Rock move that badly, use Stone Edge. It's significantly stronger.

    Assault Vest lets Conkeldurr tank special attacks more easily, even some specially-based Psychic and Flying moves. There's literally no need for Focus Sash.

    The main use of Mach Punch is to let Conkeldurr pick off frail and/or weakened opponents before they can even hit Conkeldurr. It's pretty much mandatory on it given how slow it is.

    Focus Band is a luck-based item in competitive play, and that's frowned down upon.

    For a better Dark move, look no further than Knock Off. It removes items from opposing Pokemon; if timed right, it can cripple item-dependent Pokemon. It also gives Conkeldurr a way to significantly damage or KO any Psychics and Ghosts switching in.
    Why Smack Down on Conkeldurr? Ice Punch already handles Landorus nicely. Conkeldurr is also too bulky for Focus Sash; Assault Vest is the best item for all-out attacking sets. It also misses the priority of Mach Punch.

    Even then, Conkeldurr isn't exactly a good counter for Therian Landorus because it risks being 2HKOed by Earthquake:

    252+ Atk Landorus-T Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Conkeldurr: 204-240 (49.2 - 57.9%) -- 96.9% chance to 2HKO

    A counter is a Pokemon that can switch in to its target's moves with little consequence and threaten it back.
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