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  • Lol... Maybe I'll just lurk a little bit and join up with one that looks interesting. May have to do some shadow reading... >_>
    Oh... The fun that I'll have now deciding if I should run or not... Lol

    Time to make sure I find a RP that doesn't look awful! Woo! ;)
    Yeah... Life kinda sucks the big one doesn't it? LOL >_>

    I've been doing ok! I haven't been writing as much as I used to and that's made me really sad... I used to love it so much. But you know... Big girl bills and errands and... I'm sick of adulting...sigh....

    Not all of them good.... Ohhhhh do tell! Let me know which ones to run from... Lol :P
    Well, you could create a debris storm.. but I don't think that's what you're looking for.

    Concentrated air.. maybe manipulating the air around someone or thing and intensifying the pressure to crush them?

    I thought air storm for this one, maybe trapping them in an air bubble and using sonic vibration waves to attack them.

    I was wondering if you could help me with some offensive air spells. I can't seem to think of any usefully one's according to the notes you gave me.
    But I can right some lightning magic in my SU or just fire ones. And I can use swords as my weapons or not.
    Hey songbird! I want to ask that I have to be a fire mage first to develope lightning magic or I can be a lightning mage directly.
    Sure, if you don't mind I'll take a look. It'll give me more time to plan. Do you already have your character(s?) ready?

    I should probably buy more Vita games. Aside from a few games like P4D and Danganronpa I've mostly stuck to the PS+ games. I've got Terraria, though I haven't really tried it. I've heard good things about Digimon, though. It definitely seems like you're enjoying it.

    Those are indeed very cute. I love adorable sleepy babies. This one's mine, though quality-wise it's not quite as good as those pictures.
    I've been well. Also got a Vita. Also played a ton of games. Still working at a pet clinic. Got a dog and I love her. Life is good, for the most part.

    New Vale! I'll definitely be taking a look! Not sure if I should use Dom a third time, but I guess I'll see if I'm feeling him when I read the new OP, what with the changes and all. Any idea on how soon I can expect it?

    What sorts of games? What sorts of pets?
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