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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Huh, didn't know that. I might try and rewatch that episode. After all, that was one of my favorite episodes in MLP. <3
    And um, no, I'm not following any fandom-created adventures, like that pink fluffy thing or Button Mash or anything. =/
    Not sure about that though. :3
    I mean, in PPG, Blossom's the leader and always the one making the plans and ideas.
    In MLP-FiM, Sweetie Belle's often the one making plans and ideas. :3

    But I agree with Scootaloo = Buttercup. :3
    Can you tell me about Pokemon Light Platinum X !!! I am a fan of light platinum and gible :D please help me out
    Ah have no idea wat'cha talkin' about, Twilight.
    To tell the truth, I'm better at remembering Japanese names ;)
    But that's just preference ;)
    Hopefully that answered your question ;)
    Yeah, I'm aware of that. I've watched the anime and know the link between Red/Ash and Blue/Gary. I always name my rival Gary (except in Emerald where it's female and it's May). Just because.
    The underground and mansion make sense, I think the gym is where they feel the most out of place given their profession, although you are right, the fire aspect is almost certainly why they were chosen I'd have to agree.
    Yes but I wasn't talking about glitches. I was talking about stupid decisions that could have easily been different.
    Well Pokemon DarkViolet is part of the Pokemon Saga. And the GBC DarkViolet is simply when I had this crazy idea that I wanted to do Pokemon Saga on GBC. And the HG/SS DarkViolet is simply when I had this other crazy idea that I wanted to do Pokemon Saga on the DS. I never made a no Sevii Island hack, other than the recent =) hack.

    I do like the Kanto region, but I like the other regions too. Hopefully if I can complete my 4th Gen move rom base, then I will be able to do all 4 hacks in the Pokemon Saga. My goal is to create perfect versions of the Pokemon games, eliminating flaws I see in them. There are so many problems I see with FR/LG and HG/SS, that I feel I have to correct.
    True, I may not like R/S tilesets, but if you were to keep them for a particular reason, then it would be fine. Besides, Snakewood also had R/S tilesets, and it was still very popular.

    Snakewood proves that a hack doesn't necessarily need good graphics; all it needs is a nice storyline.

    Hey, if PKMN Evening has a good storyline, I'll play it.
    Good. You can wait for me to make a dialogue edited LP (Everyone's fine with it this time) first, and then you can do your X version. I will be editing the current version.
    That's cool! Sapphire was my third game I think but I also chose Torchic since I love the evolutionary line, Hoenn is a great region.
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