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  • K
    Mine is Kitty#5494
    Will be adding you soon ~
    :D Sort of good is still good indeed, haha. Just have to look at the bright side, however small that may be. :')

    I am! Are you? :3
    Yeah, life can be like that haha :') Ooooh, I'd suggest Z but that has a crazy post requirement xd
    Things are going pretty well-ish for me? Well uni wise I'm... sort of doing good lmao. Such is life, friendly friend~
    Busy is good (to an extent). It's been pretty good, kinda hard sometimes. You know how it gets, have to read through several pages :p
    aaaaa how are you friendly friend i haven't seen you around in so long ;v;
    The characters were great and beautiful and I will weep over the loss. And 'course, I will weep whenever PoWC is mentioned. Wait, I'm weeping now. Weeps. (So much weep.)

    but you're right, great friends. not for me?? because i up and disappear. lmao.

    Yeah, I guess it's good. Prelims though. The woes. Ohh, real life lounging on your home too? Haha, what have been into now? I'm back to RPT because I still love roleplaying and that's the only place I'm overly familiar with.

    I need help. lol.
    AFTER A YEAR, i have risen once more from the graveyard and that's not a good thing??? lol
    thank yeh for the welcome back <3
    things are okay?? im all 'meh' about it, nothing too exciting, same as always. wbu?? how have you been?? im sad that PoWC got boot down. :c but then again, it's been dying sigh. s a d. D8
    Omg, exact same lol! I just beat it a couple days ago as well, and my bf has Moon and I have Sun so we're helping each other out with our Dexes now
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