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  • yup I don't blame you. but that's what he wanted to do lmao

    yeah I suppose we're too young to really need a getaway... we have sht to get away from right now lol. yup very true words. I freaking hated this winter. lasted way too long.

    umm idk how long portugal is.. italy is further east (i think) and that was 8 hours.
    lol well said. Christoph and Olivia actually wanted to take me to a strip club on my 19th so that plan sort of fell through. But yes, definitely worth going to Cali for my birthday. not regretting the decision hahaha.

    Oh no I'm sure you'll have other opportunities. I just see it more as go where you'd rather. I don't particularly find anything of interest in Portugal, and clearly since you said you'd rather be in BC anyway, there's really no contest.
    Actually you know what though, I mentioned to you I went to DR last year right? I mean it was just a resort and all we ever did was lie in the sun during the day, but it was much more enjoyable than I would have imagined. It's sort of like a getaway too, cause I hadn't brought my phone or anything. You just forget about any stress or problems you might be having back in the real world and relax for however long you're there.
    yeah I'll actually be in California during my bday, we're shooting for SF actually. kinda stupid turning 19 in USA lmao. :P yaa its all booked. now i just gotta wait.

    oh true good thinkingggg... me and a couple friends wanna go camping this summer but we're all such lazy idiots that won't book anything. i doubt we're even gonna end up going, which is sort of lame.

    yo I wouldnt have gone to portugal im on your side there. freakin portuguese. i'd take savin up money to go to BC over portugal. now if it were spain........
    well in Cali I'm going to LA and San Francisco. gunna be pretty chill, gunna stay with Garrid. then I'm going up to Vancouver after Cali and staying with some fam friends just visiting the place. always wanted to go to BC.
    That's pretty freaking sweet. that sounds like it would be with your work or something? or else why would you plan so far in advance?
    Umm, not really. I'll just be living summer out now. I'm going to California in July, actually. Oh, and Vancouver. It's gunna be awesome. You got any big plans for the summer?
    wow, really? is that all you really need is just a one-year course? that's pretty awesome! oh yeah I can imagine. no I'm not commuting next year. plan A is move into residence, but there are no guarantees so plan B is go into a student house. but especially with the apparent workload increase in second year commuting would be the worst idea.
    and that one year is all you need to do? thhhank you very much, it was all right. nothing special really, and the commuting sucked total balls. what about you, how was livin with the gramps?
    Durham College aint treatin you right? I'm done College until next fall and I get to work for the next 4 months of my life \o/
    I WILL DO IT. And we shall make all the critters of the world healthy and happyyyyyy. :D

    And I added you back! And thanks. ^^ You, my ickle Karlili, are equally as gorgeous. :D *already had to stalk a couple of your pics since your profile one has horsiessss*
    What a coincidence! I'm studying to become an equine veterinarian. :D Well, no matter what you end up doing, you'll be great! And I'm not gonna lie, a veterinary assistant is a great place to start. ;D And go you! KARLIS CAN HAVE COMMITMENT YO.

    I do! There's like three of me on there. Because when I first made it a few years ago I didn't really want it and...forgot my password a couple times. D: But this is the one I use: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000228040210 I hope I linked that right. This Sassy has oftentimes sucked with laptop crap. :<

    Bahaha, just kidding, I am quite squeeful for you! :D So how's college been treating you? And how about that manlyman of yours? ;D~~~~~~

    And I've been busybusy! :O Going to college as well, into my third year now. I'M AN OLD LADY. ;A; But other than that I've been having a squeeful old time. Dawson and I have been together for almost three years now, and we visit each other as often as we can, which is just super fun. :> *squibbles*

    Eeee, I'm just so happy to hear from ickle Karliface again. :D *gives you shiny things*
    What a good little messenger David is~!!! AND YAY FOR EXCITEMENT!

    I have been fantabulous! And how about my ickle Karli~li~li~li? You're like, all growed up now. ;A;
    Oh hey! I didn't think you'd be on for a while.
    I'm quite well thank you, very well indeed. How are you? Nice to see you around again.

    Much obliged, though it has had quite the mixed response, people with low resolutions don't see it too well |D
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