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  • I have one pretty interesting skill - I always somehow end up organizing every event that takes place at my uni, so I had nonstop work since March. I tried to stay active on PC, but my exams started in May, so I had to put all my hobbies aside. Thankfully, it should all end next week and I can finally get back to my Bingo runs too.
    Hi Sumner,

    thanks for taking care of some sign-ups in Bingo thread. I had a lot of work last few months and couldn't really get on PC that often. And how are you doing?
    I've returned to playing Pokemon in the form of an Omega Ruby nuzlocke. Oh, all the best with your nuzlocke too, Sumner!! Nice way to spend time isn't it? (Though Self-destructs in nuzlockes scare me the most)
    XD April Fools was fun though. Stay safe, my friend! ??????
    Hi Sumner! Hope you and your family are safe! How's the day been so far? I got rickrolled thrice
    wow i stare for minutes at your avatar, so mesmerizing ahah

    and then i get to your profile and it's super pretty too <3
    O_O I didn't know that, but now I like it even without the Christmas hat haha! He thonks over and over agian, apparently...
    Eyy no probs, happy year to you too! I can't get enough of your avatar, though, it's sooo unique o_O
    Aw, you ought to like the avatar, hehe! Do you make them yourself?
    Oh, and the orange is staying :)
    Hmm! No problem, you're busy, I see. It's awesome to know your doing fine! Got some stuff happening here too, now that the academic year is coming to an end... Don't know what to say, so I wish you all the best, hehe
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