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  • Ah, I see. Well I'm not a huge yaoi fangirl, but I see nothing wrong with that. That's cool you two got an interest together. :)

    Blehhhhhhhh, sorry for the long awaited reply. I suck at VMs and I also have a million other things to do, so PC is in the backburner for me at this time. D:
    KIMI! :D *glomps*

    SOOOOOOOO sorry for the long reply. Been busy with university work. x_x Yeah, I talked with Roku before back when she was very active at the daily chit chat. Now though I think she's busy getting ready with uni stuff the last time I talk with her.
    I was going to ask you who you were, but luckily I checked the statistics tab XD
    I had a busy day yesterday, and had to be up early this morning to go to a training thing for my my job. D; I'm not used to being awake until 12pm, and I've had to wake up really early two days in a row! ;w;

    Do you still have the block? D:

    (I do that all the time. x3;)
    Oh. :< And how come you aren't on MSN? :<I need some fanfiction help. ;_; Basically just a general thing because its something that ends up causing writer's block. ;o;
    I've never written a fic that's gotten past three chapters, let alone a yaoi one. XD

    Can I read it when you're ready please? 8D
    Yeah I know but I usually will get on to talk to someone who also comes during the night time. It is the only way we can chat. For the most part I will be still at work or be somewhere at this time.
    No, not now. I usually don't come on MSN til around 10pm or 10:30pm. Because since I work and do other stuff at the early evenings. A night is the only time I can get on MSN.
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