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  • You logging into PC is #1 on my 'WOW SHOCKING SURPRISING OMG TOP 10' moments of the year I hope you are happy to know you topped the list
    you better come back so we can exchange whatsapp or something!!!

    What's funny is yesterday, my boss was talking about promoting me from Controller to CFO (chief financial officer) so I would be the big accounting boss I knew I could be!!! He was just talking about it though... Thanks so much though! I am so glad to be done with my master's degree since 2019! No more group projects where I do all the work oh lordy

    I need the inside scoop to your life! I miss my cutie pie
    hey look im sejuani im gonna gank mid oh no how did the turret do so much damage im already level 3

    It's been a hard and crazy year, but I managed to live through it all, so that's me doing ok I guess? I got dragged back to PC for the GT and now I got wayyyy more involved than I thought I would. It's pretty fun! How's it on your end? c:
    Come back to me cutie pop!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The job that I started in 2016 is an Accountant for real estate properties (apartments and commercial buildings). I was recently promoted as a Controller so now I get to be the boss lady I knew I could be. :D I'm also finishing up my Master's next month and I'm just ready to be done with school forever. As for my previous job, that creepy guy hasn't contacted me in years so I am glad to be far away from him!

    My relationship with my parents is a lot better since I moved out a few years ago. I was in an apartment by myself with a cat for a while, so things got lonely/depressing. I did move in with 2 friends in a house so everything is much better. I had to leave my cat at my parent's house because my roommates have dogs, but I visit my parents every few days.

    Did you get the new Borderlands????????? I got it a month ago, but my character is level 10. I've been sooooo busy it's not fair. I miss shooting people in the face with you!
    P.S. I don't know when you actually wanted to start planning Italy but we should totally start a Google Doc to get some ideas down of where to go and what to eat. I think it'd be exciting to plan, even if we don't end up going for ages! Not sure if I have your e-mail (is it [email protected], OHHHHHHHH) but maybe just text it to me on Whatsapp if you're down :D

    Hehehe, I knew that letter would eventually reach you. ;) I meant every word of it—you've really left your mark both on this place and on myself, too! :D

    Anyway, it's so great to see you again, buddy! <333 Things really have been super amazing on my end! How about you? I hope everything has been just as awesome for ya!! ^__^ Oh, and have you still been playing with those silly Burgesstomas lately? I bet my Yang Zings could totally crush them! xP
    I love you always, Alex ♥ I consider knowing you one of the best things that has ever happened to me. You're amazing and I always say it but you know you can always come talk to me about anything. Hope you are taking care of yourself, you are very important and loved. Ti voglio bene ♥ ♥ ♥

    (OK honestly I googled that last part but don't worry, I'll be a Master at Italian when we do end up going to Italy!!)

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