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    I hope all is going well for you, Ozzy-cakes! :D
    Somehow I am still alive after everything that's happened. Right now I'm just happy to have found a new job (well, the one I started in 2016; the former company I worked for in 2014-15 was exhausting/creepy). Also, I'm going back to uni part time to finish my Master's of Business Admin. Afterwards, I'll be making enough $$ to fund my cravings for junk food and smoothies.

    How about you boo???
    those are cute gulpins, sophie
    Thank you. I am, if nothing else, a fervent believer in a federal Europe that embraces our differences and cultures as part of a fascinating whole, not as disqualifying barriers that make any cooperation impossible and require ever smaller nations and governments as "only Our People can govern this territory" because "sovereignty".

    I don't like France's erasure of local cultures, and living in Spain, I'm all too used to small movements demanding their own state because they have a slightly different language and therefore are "better" than the rest of us. Defending nationalism in a continent that has gone through thousands of wars for the stupidest of reasons in the last millennia and that started two world wars as recently as 100 years ago is so mind-blowingly misguided I simply cannot.
    (-3-) (-3-) (-3-) (-3-) (-3-) (-3-) (-3-) (-3-)

    ^ these are meant to be Gulpins
    Haha I like Kindred but I'm a total noob and don't play much PVP. I also love Ekko <3
    Im still using The Johto Elite 8DDDDD
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