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  • Hello 'Destiny' ;) wanted to quickly inform you that I've actually been in the UK until July 2020, but couldn't get ahold of this account and couldn't find you on Steam anymore. It would've been something out of science fiction to meet up irl. Hope I can make it back there once this whole pandemic debacle is settled.. how are you faring in these troubled times?
    mhmm, i'll be trying to get the same job as my mum :D i'll be a school bus aide
    just gotta watch over students... but im still really nervous :c
    it's really nice to meet you too :O and ty for asking, everythings going alright for the most part but i've been a little on edge cuz' i might be getting a job soon, i've never been employed before so i'm nervous ^^'
    omg so happy to hear you're not on the antidepressants anymore! that must feel so relieving. i was on my anxiety supplements (over the counter thing so they're not insanely strong, but still) for like 2 years too, and stopped when i was able to stay for half a year with my bf abroad. went back on them now but not all the time, only to tide me through all this stress lately. hopefully this leads to something interesting for you in the future when it comes to career etc <3
    ok i suppose!! lots going on atm and i'm mentally exhausted, but it could be worse ;o; how about you? nice to see you around again!!
    I beat within a week or so and finished the dex a few days ago! Glad you liked it <3 free time is yaaay I have a lot too since I'm not working atm. it's nice tbh
    Aw, I'm really sorry to hear that! I hope you start to perk up a little soon, if you ever need to chat privately please feel free to PM me! I struggle with mental health issues as well but I find my best coping mechanism is distraction, which probably isn't the healthiest lol but it takes my mind off things for a minute.

    I'm playing Shield at the moment, I've also finished the game so I'm working on doing some max raids/filling the Pokédex and training my Pokemon up! I'm really enjoying it so far, usually when I finish a Pokemon game I never bother with the end game content but for some reason I've delved into it this time around! c: is there any reason you chose Sword over Shield? (For me I just liked the colour better lol, I prefer Zacian to Zamazenta)
    Aww what a lovely message!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to pop in and say hello! c:
    I'm enjoying the forums so far, I'm hoping as I advance through the game I'll have more topics to join in with but at the minute it's a little out of my depth haha!
    How are you?
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