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  • Hi Kimi! I'm doing pretty good, just extremely busy these days with uni and all! Kid's also had so much on their plate lately, a lot going on with them but don't worry about it much, just a hectic year for us both and so we're kinda putting Discord etc on the backburner for now ^^

    Hope you are going well btw!
    lol tysm! i saw your avatar and was like omg i gotta share my art!!

    and good, i'm very happy to hear that! PC is always better with more interesting and kind people in it. :)
    Hi Starseed! How's it going? I just wanted to share something...
    Just finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and there was this character representing one of the seven deadly sins, called Greed. I really loved the character and I also loved how Greed sounded. He carried coolness in his voice, and even when he was simply speaking casually, it sounded sassy. I looked up the voice actor, and guess what, it was none other than Troy Baker! His voice portrayed the emotions perfectly, and every dialogue Greed spoke was a treat.
    So...this was my first experience of Troy Baker and I thought I'd let a Troy Baker superfan know :p
    Stay safe!
    Oh, awesome! I personally love the JENOVA theme, but I love Sephiroth's theme too, it is phenomenal!
    I'll look into it!! Also yeah! I think Jackaboy actually interviewed Troy Baker a while back if I remember correctly.
    Aww... that's so sweet! You did say he allowed you to take a pic outside when you explained about the shaky photo. That was a good gesture! And I love your signature too :)
    Warrior, you can fight anxiety, you have it in you!
    Also, you really seem to like Troy Baker! How was the meeting with him back in 2012?
    You must be so excited to catch a Galarian Ponyta aren't you? xD
    Also hi, nice to meet you ^^
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