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  • we were actually just talking abt that last night lol we noticed the store we go to has them so we were gonna pick one up and give it a try. we already eat cauliflower chips, dip, rice, and mashed "potatoes" so i'm like. might as well try cauliflower crust pizza and complete the...circle idk
    Sent you a friend request! Idk if you'll see it, it don't have any servers in common and I only vaguely understand discord haha. Mine is cauxkor#0694
    Fantastically! Everything's been phenomenally amazing for me, haha! Here's to many more shinies! :)
    you get to be 5'5??? what a blessing ldskfjalsd........ and yeah i was always high metabolism and super skinny but second puberty was like here!!! have some hips, thighs, and ass!!! and i was like :) no........ lol oh well ig i just have to make peace with the fact i will never be 18 year old skinny again and that's okay. lol

    i have some other recipes i like, like tacos but using lettuce instead of tortillas or zucchini noodles. and i made some bomb ass curry and used cauliflower rice instead of normal rice and it worked really well.
    Hey what's up! Idk if you'll be on anytime soon by the time I've responded to this but drop some other way for me to hit you up, it's been so long! :D
    ohhhh but like same lol we were really bad about ordering out too much. we were bad this past week. we had mcdonalds one night and taco bell another night...i did Not meant to do that lmfao... i ended up gaining a little weight back but it's okay, i'll make my amazing comeback. 8)

    tbh watching my mom as a kid, i kind of had an idea LOL i was like wow why is mom constantly on a diet???? but she was always like "well i was 97 lbs when i met your dad!!" so i assumed oh okay just don't have kids got it......well LMAO i didn't consider genetics and my height. oh well!!! it is what it is
    i like them!! but lol yeah i know they're not for everyone, they're just easy to throw together for lunch and that helps ensure i eat something light and i can just. pig out for dinner....but like in a Healthy way lmfao?? and yeah i know what you mean, i take aleve for headaches while i'm at work sometimes and i'm like damn i hope no one thinks i'm just poppin pills casually at my desk lmfao. also thank u for the gifted sub to dallas!!
    omg i just. eat a lot of salads LOL i try to not spend a lot but i'm also trying to eat better. easier said than done but i have lost a good bit of weight in the month i've been doing it so i want to keep up the momentum. i'm a typical millennial that can't give up their coffee tho so rip

    omg!!! yeah that was funny tho!! i tend to lurk more in his streams so maybe that's why we never noticed but i knew that emote when i saw it LOL
    right tho? lol i'm actually just now starting to make a plan to crack down on my debts and get those paid off. i feel so adult and i'm like mmmm i don't like this! :) lol

    aww i appreciate it!! glad you enjoyed!! it's been a fun new hobby for me that i've wanted to do for years so i'm really proud of myself for finally giving it a go. :)
    i'm well! just living my life. not much happens when you're an adult and all you do is work aha. how about you?
    Hmm, I don't think that's it. I don't believe I snore and I'm not excessively tired, although I do wake up with a sore throat or headache every now and then.

    I think it's more something that my bed is too hard so I clench a nerve or something in my typical back-pose c:
    Yes, but do you have a job?

    I did, it was closing duplicate topics because I was a dumb teenager. 8)

    I'm afraid to ask how Google found that.........
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