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  • im sorry for bothering u, but i have a question. I cant seem to find TM35 flamethrower....where is it, since i cant purchase it at the game corner. the game is Pokemon Delta Emerald rom hack.
    The doc file included with the patch has the new TM locations listed. Please refer to that since unfortunately I do not remember the location :'D
    Hello Stiker, I would like to talk to you on discord so I can have the opportunity, if you give me permission, to improve and finish the final emerald delta.

    Sorry for my English, I'm using a translator. my name discord: I am Atomic
    Hello STikER. Does Mega Evolution work properly in Delta Emerald? Volt Switching out a Mega Manectric only to have it revert to its regular form ruins that Mega Evolution. And Mega Evolving at random would also ruin the flow of a battle.

    The only other bug I'm a little concerned about are the Battle Frontier glitches. Outside of those 2 issues, this seems like a great game. I love that you included Zinnia and Courtney and put Steven Stone back into his rightful place as Champion.
    Hello! I'm having trouble trading between Delta Emerald and Mega Blue. Whenever I finish the trade, the screen goes black and stops working. I've tried between two of the same game and they do work. Anything you can do to help?
    Hello, I would like to know the location of the Delta Emerald Mega Stones. I'm loving the game, I already got the Mega Stones from Banette, Aggron, Manectric 'Mawile and Gallede. I really want to have them all.
    Hm... I thought so. The thing is, that's not really true?
    I applied Delta Emerald's patch over a clean Pokémon Emerald ROM, and it boots up just fine in VBA Link v1.7.2 and v1.8.0 :/

    Once you change the default savetype which is not compatible with neither Pokémon FRLG nor Emerald and is a process you always have to do right after getting these old versions of VBA just like enabling the RTC, the hack works normally.
    Hi Stiker. I've a quick question for you. In Delta Emerald's post you mention that "it doesn't work on VBA".
    What did you mean by that? Is there some bug InGame that causes it to crash or something?
    I'm quite curious.
    Thanks in advance for reading ^^
    Hy man i saw your hack Delta Emerald and it uses Cha Cha's Hacked Engine. So i need your help. What to do in this Part
    Just an simple question Mr. STikER .......how did u customize pokedex ? on leon's rom base like having alola forms and (like when i patched the 365 version how i customize that?) welp i'm a newbie here (thanks)
    I noticed in the Pokémon Sevii thread that you helped the creator unlink "limbo" cries. I am facing the same problem. Can you help with this?

    Edit: Never mind, I figured it out.
    Hiiyyieee,uhmmm, in the 1.1.3v izit available to trade delta emerald to delta emerald i tried it in my v1.1.2 but it didnt work
    neither the 1.1.3 works man
    I still have the battle pyramid left out really need to complete the whole frontier
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