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  • My deck I have running right now are Team Galactic Deck with Dialga G LvX teched in it. I also have a Blastoise/Delcatty that has been undefeated for 2 weeks so far.
    HEY STORMER!!! I was jsut wondering...do u think u can trade me ur lv.30 pokemon ranger Riolu??? I was looking for one so bad and who would have guessed one of my good friends, U...had one up in ur trade thread...lol...so do u think u can help me out with this one???
    okay we have a prob ur vid wouldn't load on my computer so I all I was looking at was a black page...lol
    Yeah sure I do not mind rating it for you...just send it in a PM so not a lot of ppl will know what it is...alright?
    WELL THAT's AWESOME! and wow 8 trades in one day? that must have been pretty hectic huh?
    did u get any good pokemon from the 8 trades though?
    Hey, would u like for me to rate ur team a little???
    lol i barely pay attention to pwf and sona im not really active on any forums, although i feel i should open an art gallery here just to show what i make, cant really show your art in pwf since everyones either too young or just dumb, so all they say is OMG THATS SO GOOD without looking past the picture and giving critique. I can find that here in PC though, and deviantart too, but i rarely ever post new stuff there
    I let them all go...but do not worry I'm working on a great team and a friend is trading me 3 really good EV'd pokemon as well...and I'm working on getting back all the legendaries I had as well...how r u going by the way?
    I'm doing really good...I actually started over my diamond game...how about ut??? and I like ur new profile theme too...
    Hey, do you reckon you could hook me up with a low-leveled Gible or a Gible egg around this time next week? I'd really appreciate it and I'd update your sig ^^'
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