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  • ma boy i see you've not been online in a while, but ima need to see something from you before the 25th in towergirls regardless of length otherwise ill move on without you for the first floor. youll still have a chance to play in the next floor if you miss this one and want to continue on with us, but if you miss two floors ill have your character end up being kia off screen
    How ironic, one of my own friends introduced me to it too, to which I started watching and got addicted as well C: And I definitely have seen you. In the Roleplay section, yes! I see you do RP, as well as having started some of your own projects here in PC (:

    Nice to meet you too! It was a pleasure c:
    I couldn't help but say that I love your avatar and signature. I'm a Steven Universe fan myself (unless its their artwork that pleases you and not the show, to which I humbly apologize for assuming if so ;~; )

    So, hello!
    Too much time in one liner, I really am becoming the second Weiss... and i thought i had class. xD
    Yeah after stoutland my hopes weren't high but its cute and sleek and hopefully OU worthy ^_^
    TCG Tournament time! I'm GMT-4 and available evenings and weekends. Just message me when you can do!
    So I'm storyboarding a new RP... "Lost at sea" a shipwrecked Poke journey. But with mystery plot
    every non numbered kh has a new weird combat system they test out. At least DDD isnt using cards
    I swear if you pull the whole "your still dreaming" thing I will actually change Sirus name to Edge.
    Im going to write an Olympus post tonight, have him end up at an empty and run down looking cabin :3
    Sirus and michael should have the depressing cabin but its really fun bc we have pet skeleton cat.
    I vote let the players make their own cabin groups. fuck siblings amirite ~assuming im not way 2 lat
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