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  • awww i just took a second look at ur VMs....that sylveon is coooooottttt!!did u made that??? and btw belated merry xmas, happy new year and valentine's day hihihi
    hi Alice!!im not really active on the forums now, kinda busy irl, ya know some serious matters, and clash takes most of my spare time... miss ya Alice!
    Don't worry about it haha, I can tell, your avatar is still wearing a Christmas hat. :P And that's exciting! I'm sure the things you'll like about uni will outweigh the things you don't. What are you studying?
    How's it going? I've barely used the forum much apart from hacks so i thought i'd get to know some people first. Which is your favourite pokemon?
    It's reading break (or Spring break)! Just had another exam, two more after next week. c: Are you on break as well?
    Thanks! Haha, I never thought there was anything wrong with Lanayru, I'm just someone who has to change name/theme all the time. :p Excluding this theme, I like it too much. xD

    I know that was ages ago (sorry!), but yeah, it's better! Well, there's still limited gigs and all, but it's been reset so all's good for now.

    Yeah, it was. :> lol I feel for you. I actually didn't manage to preorder PSMD till yesterday! Super excited for it anyway. :D

    They are quite old now so that's understandable, haha. DQ IX is on the DS. :) Well we use satellite in a remote area so the latency when playing online games is usually unbearable. :c

    It was! There is an OK shot, only I didn't take them so I'm still waiting for them to be sent. xD

    Never heard much of that one myself. Is it any good? I'm not typically a fan of school life, though. :p Looks like you're living it up! Sometimes I get carried away with lying in bed and just writing for ages haha. .3.

    It's been going so-so. I certainly wouldn't call myself academically gifted heh, but I get by! My favourite subject is probably English (which I'm likely best at), but Science is interesting as well. I'm more creatively-minded however, and I'm told that I'm really good at writing and contour drawing but I'm just way too finicky with my work to be able to agree with them. :p

    How've you been, anyhow?
    Thank you! I've been alright. Not really a lot of GD, but other things too such as work and reading. :P Yourself?
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