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  • Nice! ^^ Out of curiosity, was it a Windows laptop? :D

    Exactly! XD Unless he's secretly using High Jump Kick or something after! :p

    No worries, I haven't played it in a pretty long time myself, so you can't be any rustier than me. :P

    Yup! I definitely bet it has TONS of input lag! At least, I'd be really surprised if it didn't haha.

    I've been alright! It's about time for me to catch up on PC, since I've been quite behind haha. How about you? :D (And don't worry about it! ^.^)
    No worries! I'm guilty of that all the time, lol. Exam went well, thanks. ^^ How have you been?
    There's some in my art thread XD

    Sleeping at night... milk helps. :3 meow.
    No problem. I have pneumonia so I'm stuck in bed just resting or playing Pokemon AS. How are things going on your end?
    I'm taking brain & behavior, behavior disorders, memory, and infancy courses this term, pretty excited for them. :D First exam is already coming in like two weeks though, haha.

    My sleep schedule's pretty messed up too - I smushed my schedule so that I only have to be on campus tuesdays and thursdays, so the rest of the time I'm just all over the place since I don't have to be up early in the mornings, haha.
    Right back atcha!

    Oh, we just managed to use up all our gigs haha; we don't have a great system atm but it'll get better! I'll just get back to your old VM - wall of text coming up:

    Your Christmas sounds like it was fun! All that seafood wouldn't agree with me lol, though I did eat lobster on that day. :) It's cool that you got a laptop! While the iPad Mini was a late b-day present it sorta counted as an X-mas present. :D Other than I got some cute jewellery and bit of cash for my choice of a game I guess, probably PSMD!

    I love FFVII! One of my all-time favourite games. :) Other than that I really enjoyed Dragon Quest IX! This sounds crazy but I simply can't remember the others off the top of my head, probably because I either haven't played a SE game in awhile or that's what staying up till 3:00 AM does to me. :P
    I would have loved to but unfortunately I can't since I have no ways of playing online. :( And I didn't get SMB4 cause I'd rather wait for a Wii U and experience it that way... also I don't want to break my buttons. xD;

    Really nice, with white chocolate shavings, raspberries, vanilla-y icing swirls and a message written in chocolate! :)

    I can understand that haha, I'd probably be the same. I just hope by then I'll have the oppotunity to travel a little. :> Make that two brothers and a sister. :D I'm actually not a big manga reader either, so aside from Noragami I've only read like, ~70% of Naruto. :P

    We more or less have to follow the basics of the national curriculum, but we've also got to pay for our own resources and we have our own methods of learning which may not always suit the curriculum's standards.
    Parents; I'd never feel comfortable or relaxed with tutors or anything. :p

    I dunno hehe, there's a lot to choose from. :D There is a photo editor that I may get, but otherwise I won't raise my hopes up since I can't use the internet. xD
    Hey! Pretty good, thanks! Started a short "Career Coaching" course today which I'd been ordered to do and have been dreading for a while but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting so am relieved to have gotten that out the way!

    How about you?

    Do you watch Neighbours?
    Omg sorry for my lateness, but I really hope you enjoyed New Year as well! :D

    It wasn't too bad! I was kinda sick at the time, but I still managed to have fun regardless! How about yours? :D

    I had no clue it was Double Team at first, either! I thought it was legit Counter (from the Pokémon games) or another move, as I would've expected for Double Team to do something else. xD

    I usually use the C-Stick for aerial attacks (on GameCube controllers), so on the 3DS version I mostly use N-air as my main "go to" aerial. xD I dunno, I'm just afraid of making too many misplays on the 3DS, haha. Sometimes I would try other aerials, but they would likely miss and I'd get punished for it. <_<

    I agree about Smash being fun without the lag! Though I imagine that the Wii U version might be a bit more comfortable. xD

    According to this video, yes. Probably not worth the trouble though, LOL.
    I will one day, if possible! Other things require my attention first, such as work and finances.
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