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    Lol, admittedly I kinda don't anymore... but then Sun/Moon renewed my interest in it for a while! xD (I'm still into the anime, though!)

    You searched the wrong profile. xD This profile is the Meadow haha, not the other one. :P The other profile is Dahlia's. xD

    Ah, man. Hopefully they're doing okay with sales, but the main concern is how on earth they will localize this, haha. Pretty sure the localization of the main games take place in America, whereas the original versions of the main games take place in Japan, along with DGS. :P
    So apparently Duterte has thrown someone out of a helicopter. How civilized.

    Just be happy that you have had a great time on PC and that you can still talk to all your friends through Discord.

    Congratulations!! Did you get the Shiny Charm?
    I have FB but I barely use it, I have Skype which I use semi-regularly if you have that?

    Shame to hear you're leaving :(
    aww sun! D: man life is a butt but it should always come first. Do your best, and I'll be awaiting your return. <3
    maybe ill go on Skype more, but idk.

    Why are you leaving PC?

    what languages do you want to complete?
    I don't believe so no. =( But you can ask Rukario, he would know for sure since he is in charge of all donation-related things.
    I dont like to turn on Skype cause then i get super distracted and dont get stuff done. I'm distracted easily with stuff like that. I have a Discord and Ive been using it for a mafia game, and I like it.

    Why dont you want any foreign dex entries? That seems what Trump would do if he played Pokemon lol

    I got it for the xbox 360. I think Resident Evil might have a good game on the 3ds, but I'm not too sure.
    I'd be fine with that if it's related to your shop. ^^ And happy new year :D
    Solrock is unfortunately too slow to utilise said move. Also Sunny Weather makes Solar Beam a one turn move which also spells doom for the floating sun. Psychic typing taking a hit in general with all the strong darkand bug moves around is another thing.

    I imagine the officials want to avoid controversy whenever they can and a race controversy is one they definitely want to avoid.

    Yes whilst the selection of Pokemon available pre-bank isn't bad by any means there's numerous Pokemon that didn't get in that I'd like to use. On a related note there was a bit of a Gen 1 bias in what got in the Alola Dex - Paras line over the Shroomish Line, Pinsir over Heracross, Tentacool line over the much more interesting Frillish line and how did Pokemon like Drowzee line and the Fearow get in. I doubt anyone gets nostalgic about them. And of course there's a Diglett's Cave too.

    My final Shiny catch of the year was a Shiny Cubone (Now a Shiny Marowak). He has a Hasty Nature and Hidden Ability Rock Head which means welcome recoil free Flame Bursts. The Blue and Black colour scheme is really nice too. :) Other than perhaps Muk Marowak's Alolan form helps highlight a formerly forgotten Pokemon.

    Whilst I think I will be using Drought Fire Ninetales more, Ice/Fairy Ninetales is a really elegant design. Beartic was in my original Gen 5 team and I am pleased it got a helpful ability. However even under the effects of Slush Rush the Ice Bear isn't terribly fast. Those Fighting Moves still hurt too which is why Aurora Veil is very welcome this Gen. I'm not sure I'm going to turn my trainer into Lorelei just yet though. :)

    Depends what you mean by 'requirement.' I probably plan to complete the Normal Doubles at some point after Bank opens but I don't plan to build a team to conquer Super anytime soon. Teaming with Trainers from former games is fun although I am yet to meet Cynthia yet. Also it is a bit odd to me that Red and Blue are considered 'Battle Legend's but Cynthia whose team is generally seen as better than either is not.
    Firm but fair, i'd say. We all banter about (when it's appropriate, ofc :P ), but they know where the boundaries lie.
    Very true. Their typings do not help. You can One Hit KO both with Surf...which you need to even reach said Gym.

    Whilst Pokemon is a franchise where evolutions sometimes don't make sense Froslass does not resemble Snorunt at all. Even Glalie keeps it's pre-evolutions eye colour. I think Froslass' original design was modified to less fit Jynx such as the lack of hair.

    I've just remembered I've got a Shiny Adamant Cubchoo in Gen 6 to add to my Ice Team when Bank comes. :)

    Battle Tree is harder, normal mode no longer has non fully evolved Pokemon early on and in Super Mode trainers use Megas and over time seem to counter your team. For example say I lead with Garchomp a surprisingly large number of leading opposing Pokemon will be Ice Type. :0
    Not especially, I try and socialise as much as I can. I don't do large crowds very well, though >,<
    Haha, i'm also not the best at small talk :P

    A lot of our customers are either elderly or students, with very little middle ground. I guess it's just a case of tailoring your service to suit their needs.

    Also it's good you're not as shy as you were!
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