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  • I'd be fine opening the next stage and resuming it this weekend, but I'd need the rest of the participants to let me know they're ok with it.
    Hey Super_Flygon, it looks like you have a few people interested in joining your RP "A New Kalos Champion". Are you still intending to run that RP? If not, I would like to give these people an answer, perhaps direct them to an active RP, and close the thread. It's polite not to leave people hanging, after all!

    If do you choose to get that RP going properly, I would advise quoting all people who expressed interest (in order to notify them) and asking them to confirm their intent to play within perhaps two weeks, because it's been a while since you interacted with anyone in that thread and people do lose interest quickly when not engaged.
    Hahaha same here. I was away from the house for a few days, and then I've been busy, which is not something I expected! But I guess that's what happens when I can finally see family and do appointments again lol
    I got pfizer! I personally didn't feel much during the first or second shot? I got a fever the first time around, but considering my default has always been: drinking a shit ton of water. I think I curbed some of the other potential side effects lol!

    And for the second I did have quite a sore arm, but that was about it? So sleeping and aching a bit was all I really did, which I was really lucky for! When I normally get something that can make me feel off, I typically go down pretty hard, so it was a surprise!

    and I've been doing the same, keeping my mask on, until I'm made aware I'm allowed to have it off. It makes thing so much nicer that way.

    And I agree! I was hoping to see some of the others posting, and I wanted to make another chara myself to get the ball rolling for the other team, but let's see how things go~! Hopefully they'll pick up!
    Yep! 20th of June not too far away from now, it's going to be our first stop prior to our vacation weekend, which is...still wild to think about that we can do that now safely? At least where I am, I'll be wearing my mask as always but it's so strange, so many people are vaccinated now! (Myself included :0)
    I just finished up my finals last friday so I'm finally free! But yes I'm 100% considering trying to trade school, I think I'll be making a visit on the 20th?
    From my understanding maybe another 2-3? But it was recently brought to my attention that there is a trade school out there that may be a better fit--so I'm now looking into that as well! Either way it'd still be about two years if I chose to do that instead of transferring!
    Oh my gosh sorry for the late reply, but no not this year! I'mmmm in the middle of getting all my pre-requisites done, but I'm getting so close to finishing all that up @~@! I'm planning on going into zoology, so I'll be transferring from my current college to another one sometime next year if things go as planned!
    Hahah yeah college is like nearing it's end so everythings just ramping up even more on my end, so it's just been @~@ right now lol!

    but yeah I hope so too, the concept for the rp is really interesting :0!
    I've started the post, Archer and Adaline are going to take care of Zaiden and Diesel, and Adriana and Zach can battle the unnamed bikers, feel free to choose there pokemon and write as you go, whenever you have time! No rush, of course! I'll probably update it little by little every night! (:

    I also colour coded it, so we know which character is talking/making a move. Archer is red, Adaline is pink, and the NCPs are black!!
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